Space Agency - Rocket Building & Flying Game For iOS -

Space Agency – Rocket Building & Flying Game For iOS

Scott Manley
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After a bunch of requests I took at look at this game developed by Nooleus.

People interested in an android version should convince their iOS owning friends to buy it!
From Twitter:
@Nooleus Hey, I made a video about Space Agency — dozens of people are asking if it’ll come to Android. Any Comment?
@DJSnM I’m considering writing an Android version – it’ll depend how much demand there is and how successful the iOS version is.


  1. Finally got gold on every single mission!!!!! Lol it was hard

  2. To make the 1st Stage fires again touch fire button twice

  3. I heared nooleus is currently developing a 3d space agency 2.

  4. Do Android 2017 on this game! Like if you agree bc 2017 version on Android is awesome.

  5. Simple rockets 2 the ksp of ios and android also its coming in 2018

  6. Scott you should do a re review of this game in 2k17

  7. this game is comleate bullshit you have to buy everything with real money


  8. Pleeeaaasssseeeee try Spaceflight Simulator!It’s addicting! And fun!

  9. 1:44 you should have touched the thrust button two times, than the engine would work again!

  10. You can actualy ditch the capsule without a decouoler

  11. Dear sir, you shall play the tutorial first and than you can play freely. Also, Spaceflight Simulator is the real KSP of android and iOS.

  12. simple rockets sucks and KSP sucks too… MY option is space agency

  13. I have really enjoyed this game for a while so far. I only now came across this old video- I'm glad you covered this, Scott! Love you Channel keep it up!

  14. The problem is it is too darn unrealistic…

  15. spaceflight simulator is also really good, if a bit barebones

  16. I like playing "Rocket Craze" on my mobile. I'm the fastest astronaut out there!!! 🙂

  17. @scott manley SA2 is out, if you want to try it

  18. try SFS its much more kerbal

  19. your amazing and dont let anyone take you down!

  20. it has a 3d sequel for mobile now

  21. it's a shame, they took down the game from the android store. what now?

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