Snoopy Flying Ace - Official XBLA Launch Trailer | HD -

Snoopy Flying Ace – Official XBLA Launch Trailer | HD

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The famous World War I Flying Ace comes to XBLA with Snoopy and other characters.

DONWLOAD only on XBLA Marketplace: June 2, 2010

Snoopy Flying Ace – Official XBLA Launch Trailer | HD
Developer: Smart Bomb Int.
Release: June 2, 2010
Genre: Action, Flight
Platform: XBLA
Publisher: Microsoft

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  1. I miss this game soooo much can we get it on PC or Xbox

  2. i loved this game so much when i was little omg, i wish i still had the xbox account i got it on

  3. @SuperMichaelMan – Thanks for your Info. Now is it correct.

  4. é vergonhoso demais admitir que gosto desse jogo?

  5. I hate the way they look in this…classic Peanuts animation, or nothing at all. The whole CGI look doesn NOT work for them! 🙁

  6. Very nice … Good snoopy awesome …

  7. @hunterpeterson81095 Snoopy Flying Ace 1,000% > Call of Duty Black Ops

  8. After Christmas, this will be the first game I'll buy. I love Peanuts.

  9. anyone wondering why sally isn't in the trailer?

  10. Yeah, it's still alive, but there are a few modders and hackers in there that Microsoft won't do anything about.

  11. Occasionally, but not as often as I used to.

  12. I wish i can be in the game but my baron named, Green Baron and my xbox player skin in the game

  13. They should remember Snoopy fiying ace for Xbox one and PlayStation 4

  14. Only have the demo in xbox 360. Cannot buy the full game from the arcade! Why?!?!

  15. I played this game yesterday and kept making snoopy noises wether i was attacking shot,shot a plane down or even got shot down

  16. OfficialKirbyFan68 (Number 1 Jack Cooper fan) says:

    I had the demo of this game

  17. Okay so I’m Snoopy flylng ace Store Demos ako morning Xbox 360

  18. I was the voice actor for the bartender when I was 12 lol, my dad brought me in back when wildworks was called smart bomb interactive. Man this brings back some memories

  19. I demand a re-release of this game. Who's with me?

  20. This game deserved more love, it was absolutely badass.

  21. This is and always will be so much better than the PSP game.

    Too bad it never got the attention it deserved. The OST is a fucking banger.

  22. Guess what happened to me when this was first released… No one will know!!! 🤫🤗

  23. Wow for peanuts this is kinda extreme. I love love it.

  24. I actually loved this game as a kid but unfortunately I hate how you can't get the game back since they remove the game from the store

  25. I never knew this game was taken down and was only on 360 my copy of the game is on my original Xbox 360 the white defective type of 360s so I’m trying really hard to not red ring mine it turns 14 in December

  26. Even though this is a sequel or a remake to Snoopy vs the Red Baron, I really wanted to get a re-release to next-gen consoles! Who's with me?

  27. Game was so good espically fast paced action honestly reminds me of blazing angels

  28. I remember this game being genuinely quite fun

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