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  1. marcos roberto gomes pires marquinhos says:


  2. Somin is pretty but Jihyo visual in the thumbnail is otherwordly. So beautiful in all angles.

  3. Haha saying people think running man is scripted because of you to kwangsoo always got me 🤣 haha is such a witty man

  4. OMgee!! poor Kwang Soo Oppa 😅, i am sincerely pray for him to have a lucky day this time. RM are the best to made my day 😂

  5. kenapa Nih RunningMan tiada di tv Malaysia Dh🗿

  6. Jongkook was the only one who didn't bet anything at all lol he stayed dry and safe lmaoooooo

  7. Terjemahan ke dalam bahasa Indonesia terimakasih🇮🇩

  8. This is hilarious😂 I just wish I knew what they were saying🤣

  9. 전소민 이광수 진짜 꽝손이다 좀 둔해서

  10. ничего не понятно но очень зрелищно

  11. 재석~광수~하하~석진~세찬~지효~소민~😄 짱 짱 멋져요 👍

  12. 정답 맞출때 모두 앉은 다음에 하지… 정답은 벌칙과 동시에 버튼 누르면서..ㅋ

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