Running from Cops using FLYING CAR on GTA 5 RP -

Running from Cops using FLYING CAR on GTA 5 RP

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In this video, I use flying vehicles in GTA 5 RP! The more banks I rob the better the flying cars get and by the end I’ll be able to purchase a $50,000,000 flying car!!
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Friends in vid: @GrampzRP


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  1. What about slowest to fastest planes🤔🤨

  2. Do a invisible vehicle but, when you get in it you TPOSE.

  3. how did they got fucking flying cop cars ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  4. Gramps in the shop: What the hell is exploding in the sky? Is that a flying ca-… Damn it Icy.

  5. hey guys , Icy's racist he just redone 9/11 icy you BETTER GET RID OF THIS VIDEO or YOU'LL

    u did this in another video to…

  6. I believe I can fly like a thicken in the scy

  7. Do the wheelchair but with the wheelchair flying and with the missle thing

  8. Imagine just trying to drive to your house from being at the beach and you see a flying cartel car being chased by flying cop cars

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