Revelation Online Environment/Scenery Tour (Wings and Flying) Gameplay -

Revelation Online Environment/Scenery Tour (Wings and Flying) Gameplay

Stella Alamarr
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Revelation Online (RO) Paladin. Wings for flying! Running on water! guild Castles!


Check out this new game called Revelation Online that has mounts, wings, flying running on water and gliding through the air like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon! lol There’s even air and under water combat. :O

With a seamless open world spanning an incredible 100,475 square miles(the size of Colorado :O) waiting to be explored and open world pvp for 10 of the currently claimable Guild castles including but not limited to underwater temples, flying airships, gigantic tortoises roaming the plains and fortresses build into the cliff side; Revelation looks to be a very promising mmorpg. If your apart of one of the smaller guilds then feel free to pick a spot in the vast world and start building your own Guild town… that’s right. I said ‘town’. With no predetermined locations for building and many different buildings and upgrades to be researched and npc residents to hire to help gather resources, build and populate the settlement your guild will grow soon enough.

With on the spot 1v1s(as well as instanced) and practice or ranked 3v3s and the larger fights of the 10v10 AOS/MOBA style matches (with vehicles!) and not to mention open world pvp; there is plenty of action to be had here.


Wanna play? Follow these quick and easy steps!

1. To register an account visit

3. With an existing email or a new one; enter your email address.

4. Now your password

5. Confirm your Password and type in the Captcha

6. Login to your email and activate by clicking on the blue button or the link.

7. Go to and download the game with which ever method is fastest for you.

8. Login to the game after you have completed downloading.

9. Select a server. I’m on the server selected in this picture btw.

10. After you select a server it will ask you for a phone number. type 8 random numbers or just press 12345678.

11. Create your character and enjoy the game!
****If you got a second prompt after the phone number it’s asking for security question and answer which you can just skip.****


Free Intro Template from AquuL


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  1. does this game support gamepad if sknow do u know where the option is to do it

  2. How can i registration the game? The link is wrong! :/
    Have english patch for play? Or just can i play in KR? O.o

  3. It's very interesting and amazing!

  4. looks beautiful horse looks very generic tough very lifeless movement

  5. Link of the pic at the last of video please :)))))))

  6. wow i love flying with my character and this looks so much better than aion
    will it be f2p or b2p?
    hope it wont be a huge cashgrab

  7. was i the only one who notice howl's moving castle

  8. is this only in japoanese i was hope for english text

  9. Moving the camera so while flying only possible in Tab-Target mode right?

  10. your character is wonderful i just see your video and i want this game together now

  11. i got the email on my phone and i cant translate it on my phone so i dont know what it says…help?

  12. my only concern is what will the system requirements be to fully experience these amazing graphics cause this is super beautiful

  13. What lvl do i get wings? on revelation online or do you have to buy them?

  14. pls can you say me what is your build of character creation i want do the same lol pls answer me

  15. ive only done the early quest where yoo only get wings for a little while. my gaming partner is going to hate me when I get permanent wings. im never going to get out of the sky XD

  16. I played aion a lot and i get bored of it, and when i found this video,i really want to try that game

  17. this game is stupid i have already lv 15 and now some how i nead it to start again frome the start not worth to play it

  18. how cool is it to be flying  I love it so much nowI hop it not hard to play as it look

  19. Impressive China Games
    China Games To Another Level

  20. What game is this please what is the name

  21. Plizz can anyone tell me the name of the game and where I can download it

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