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Redline GT Game Theater – Home Racing / Flying Simulator – – Chicago Gaming

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Get More Info & Pricing at: | RedLine GT Game Theater Automobile Racing + Air Flight Full Immersion 3D Simulator Machine from BMI Gaming and Chicago Gaming Company.

RedLine GT Game Theater Home Simulator Machine Features :

State-Of-The-Art REAL 3D Auto Racing is now available using 3D-Capable TV and Grand Turismo 5 + other 3D ready games | Arcade-Quality Cabinetry – Made in Chicago, USA by the premier manufacturer of coin-operated games | 5-Way, Fully Adjustable Cockpit allows player to adjust for optimal comfort in seconds; Adjustments include Seat Slider, Quick-Tilt Seat and Telescoping Steering Wheel | Logitech G27 Driving Controls: Most advanced driving controls on the market – Includes True Force Feedback Steering, Tri-Pedal Assembly (Gas Pedal, Brake Pedal and Clutch Pedal) plus a Six (6) Speed Pro Shifter | Immersive Audio With Custom-Build Five (5) Channel, 170 Watt Audio Amplifier, coupled with Four (4) Quality Speakers immerse player in rich vibrant Digital Audio | Rapid-Adjust Pedals allow player to move the pedals forward / back before locking into place, and the Quick Set Armrests raises armrests instantly and locks in place | High Energy, 100 Watt Vibration Transducer rattles players physically, reproducing every nuance of the road | Awesome Blue LEDs illuminate the undercarriage creating a blue halo effect under the game ! | Game Control Switch : Press a button and instantly switch Driving / Flight Simulator Controls from a PC to PlayStation 3 | Play PC Games, and with the push of a button, play PS3 games without unplugging cables | Rear Storage Area – Can accommodate a Personal Computer if desired, or serve as extra storage area for your favorite games and gaming peripherals Keyboard Drawer for quick access to optional Keyboard and Mouse.

The RedLine GT Driving Simulator does not come with Monitor or PlayStation 3 Console or PC (required) – You will need to buy a inexpensive Flat Panel TV (42″ Recommended) plus a PlayStation 3 or Personal Computer of your choice – Then Hookup & Go !

Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
Monitor : User Supplied LCD, LED or Plasma Flat Panel
Players : 1 Player Racing and Flight Simulator Machine

Redline GT Game Theater Assembled Dimensions :
Height: 35″, Width: 35″, Length: 82″, Weight: 501 Lbs
Ships In 2 Pieces, Seat + Housing to fit through any standard doorway 32″ or more.

Get pricing and more information on this fine product and over 1600 other
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  1. Sir please tell me the price of this PlayStation

  2. Your out of your mind if you bought that. You could have a beautiful rig n direct drive for that price..

  3. This channel is one of the hidden gems of YouTube. Glad you guys are uploading videos again 🙂

  4. Thanks for the compliment ! We work really hard trying making these amateur product videos (in-house) watchable, so we really appreciate the support – And please tell all your social friends about our channel.. 🙂

  5. wow this cab is an overthetop very life like piece of equipment. anyone who can afford this cab is truly in for a lot of fun. the quality of this cab looks amazing. the 65 mustang tails look great. hehehe would be awesome to have 2 of them and have your boy sitting shotgun on the other one.

  6. Very nice..saw this on for 3 grand…I will build my own for less than a grand..thanks for the idea though 😉

  7. We have these in the show room in our store at the Playdium Store in Canada,Ont, Toronto, Best Game Ever! its really like Gran Turismo Style Awesome Graphics! I'm actually thinking of buying one for myself at home.

  8. I am hoping this racing cabinet is still available once Sony releases Gran Turismo 7 for the PS4.  If it is, I will buy this, as the only deciding factors holding me off right now is I don't play my PS3 anymore and I'm sure Logitech will be making a new version of the G27 wheel for the PS4.  I'm basically a potential customer waiting in the wings to make his purchase.  

  9. Can a TV larger than the recommended 42" be used?  

  10. Can the shifter be mounted on the left side?

  11. Can you get it with Thrustmaster wheel setup instead of Logitech?

  12. Rather build my own, but it does look awesome

  13. that shifter placement

    is really fucking low to the point of unreasonable a car with a shifter that low is not a great idea!

  14. Bhai kYa app k number mil sakta hai game plan ke bre me jaan hai .or kuch game ke price or ye sari product keese available ………

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