Real Pilot Takes Gamer on a check ride in Microsoft Flight Simulator | Expert VS Expert -

Real Pilot Takes Gamer on a check ride in Microsoft Flight Simulator | Expert VS Expert

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Pilot Rachel and Twitch Streamer Dom take to the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator. See them react as they perform a pilot check ride over the pyramids in Giza and discuss all of the details that make the game such a popular choice for flight enthusiasts and gamers alike.
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0:00 – Intro
1:43 – Takeoff
3:58 – Cruising
6:53 – Landing
9:31 – Final review

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  1. You should have let her try flying her own specific aircraft that she operates at work.

  2. Does anyone know what kind of yoke and throttle controllers were used?

  3. 1:30 The way he looks, LOL!!! T_T
    Him: She's just so beautiful and perfect!

  4. Pani pilot jest świetna. Ten gracz też spoko gość, ale wygląda jakby trzymał kupę. Filmik wspaniały!

  5. I had purchases MFS on XBox gamepass monthly plan for PC only to have purchase the whole Microsoft Flight Simulator premium on Steam. It looks better on Xbox gamepass for PC but it might be because of Game Cloud

  6. her: "im holding short of the runway"

    also her: on the runway not the taxi way

  7. He: "Oh yeah 3rd person… my precious 3rd person view"
    She: "Right… hhaha okay. 🙄🤦🏻‍♀😅"

  8. Everybody gangsta till they whip out the upside down 747

  9. The PIO*s she have must been from the less feedback on the free band of the console l guess

  10. Well you heard the super hot pilot lady. Simmers have an advantage on first day boom.

  11. Are you guys playing on the Xbox with that control? I want to buy one and stuff

  12. OMG I love her and how she explains everything – ppl must be so lucky to have her as an instructor.

  13. EX – Tribal American! Many conditives… You cannot be, ever serious here.

  14. That Pilot looks like she has been to CornHub

  15. It's actually quite tough without rudder pedals, especially if you're used to them. The pedals are integral.

  16. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Just use VR, that way you know where all the knobs and switches are if you are inclined to learn

  18. Says she's "holding short of the runway" while on it. Doubting her credentials.

  19. You ever pretend to not know something.. so someone has to spend more time helping you.

  20. if she was andrew tates pilothe would jump out

  21. Real pilot: I would really like to see how the instrumentation works
    Cringe gamer: I have to fly in third person.
    Real pilot: WUT

  22. This 3rd pers view expert actually made the Captain Sim C130

  23. I found this to be the complete opposite in navy but that was 2006 too 2011

  24. What the hell was this? I didn't click to watch some newbie being taught how to fly.

  25. I find using pedals improves the overall experience.

  26. she was great, you obviously know jack about flying

  27. You can also use flight pilot (check my channel!!!!! To see me play it

  28. The second he said he plays in 3rd person you knew he had 0 clue what he was doing…good god…

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