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Ranking and Reviewing Genesis Games Published by Flying Edge

John Hancock
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Flying Edge was a division of Acclaim that published 19 games on the Sega Genesis. In this video, I take a look at these games and give them a grade pending on what I thought of them. Physical copies of each game shown as well. What grades would you give these games? Comment below and thank you for watching!
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Games shown in this order:
Arch Rivals
Champions World Class Soccer
Double Dragon 3
Ferrari World Grand Prix Challenge
George Forman’s KO Boxing
Krustry’s Super Funhouse
NBA All Star Challenge
Robocop 3
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball
Spider Xmen Arcades Revenge
Super Smash TV
Terminator 2 Judgement Day
The Adams Family
The Incredible Crash Dummies
The Simpsons Bart Vs the Nightmare
Steel Empire
WWF Super Wrestlemania
WWF Royal Rumble

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  1. Did you buy a Sega Genesis Mini? And, did you hack it?

  2. i really love this review by developer series u and jonriggs have been doing. it really helps for people like me that like to pay attention to developers over publishers. you know what yer getting from a company so u have a better idea if its worth playing….most of da time.

  3. “This is an awesome, decent platformer”. 😂 well which is it?!!

  4. I Agree Royal Rumble is a great game. I would rate it an A.

  5. Arch Rivals will always be an A for me. I like the genesis version even more than the nes release.

  6. snake plisskin………i'v heard of you………I HEARD YOU WERE DEAD!

  7. I enjoy all these videos. Better than John Riggs rating videos

  8. Came here to ask why you didn't like George Foreman boxing and then remembered I had got it mixed up with Evander Holyfield boxing. That's a game that I love and yet nobody ever talks about it, it's a good boxing game on the Genesis (Evander Holyfield that is).

  9. GREAT LIST, I would put Addams family an A great game, and Spiderman Xmen I really couldn't pass it it was impossible I would give it a solid D. I love these vids I,m going to check out Krusty Fun House!

  10. 100k subs?!? Where has the time gone. Congrats, John.

  11. Can we just take a minute and talk about how awesome that hat your wearing is!!!!!! ❤️😀 Also is that Snake Pliskin on your shirt? 🐍

  12. I was admittedly sweating bullets when you were getting close to Royal rumble that you were going to give it an F, because I play that game almost every day and if you hated it I wasn't sure what I was doing with my life

  13. The boxing game I enjoyed as a kid was Buster Douglas's game. It was descent. I'd give it a B

  14. The only game I have is STEEL EMPIRE, and agree with you 100%… Is a great game, slow down is the only minor issue with the game.

  15. Glad someone is willing to defend Krusty’s Fun House. It gets pegged as a Lemmings clone, but it’s different enough to justify its existence.

  16. I remember renting the NES version of Clemens and it didn't have a manual. When the other team slides into a base, you have to press down to tag him out. I didn't know that and by the time I figured it out, i'd already tossed my controller a few times thinking the game was broken lol

  17. I held my breath when he said “TFP”.

  18. looking forward to the activision ranking video

  19. Robocop arcade and robo vs terminator and terminator 1 were ace..t2 arcade would been good if had light gun
    smash TV me and Bro use waste soooo much time on this…crash dummie on gb was fun.
    Simpson arcade was best I play that with lad on Pandora arcade and love the ps2 games.
    Never played steel empire. May have fire up my MD mini lol

  20. I owned spider man arcades revenge as a kid.. I hated it even tho I played a lot of it. The level design is awful

  21. Is George Foreman fighting WWE owner Vince McMahon in that clip?

  22. I only remember playing Krusty's fun house on the gameboy, but for some reason I don't own it for that system, though I have a megadrive, snes and also the game gear version's which I've never played.

  23. and the winner iiiis???? STEEL EMPIRE!! Great game indeed, thank you!

  24. Great Genesis games i can put on my psp. Thanks John!!

  25. Sure lots have already said this but Steel Empire is available on the 3ds. Loved the original back in the day.

  26. Could you do a video of all the RAREWare games. Maybe a video for ones from OG guys and then a separate video of the games after Microsoft bought rare

  27. Cool video john, but ure supposing too much about people prefering the snes version of a game…blast processing be damned xD

  28. Champions World Class Soccer. Grrr. The UK version had its Ryan Giggs endorsement splashed over the box, and he'd promoted it on TV by saying how realistic it was. The game was developed by Park Place, who had made the first two Sega Madden games as well as Muhammed Ali Boxing, which I really liked. All in all I had reason to have high hopes and I was expecting good things. Then I played it… Oh dear.

  29. I love these videos but I wish they were a little longer!

  30. Nice showing of Flying Edge games on the Sega Genesis! I have to say, I own a few of the F and D ones! I won't mention them, but I do have a couple of the A ones you mentioned! Good video!

  31. Appreciate the Addams Family love! I prefer the SNES version myself, but they are both great. Underrated games with basically the only negative being the slippery controls as you said.

  32. T2:The Other Game heh, small sprites on NES was fine but those are pretty tiny for Genesis or SNES, weird to have something worse in 16-bit than 8-bit. What a waste of a good license.
    Not a good game but was going to get ICD for nostalgia sake, not so much the game as much as for the characters, 10$ loose I can live with that heh.
    Always hoped BVTSM would be drastically better on Genesis but it's pretty much 1:1 with the NES one, much like Batman: Return of the Joker it's very underwhelming for that hardware. Gameplay and controls are about the same where much like Crane's Ghostbusters switching the graphics doesn't change a mediocre game foundation much.
    Bart's Nightmare, third least crap Simpsons game on Genesis I guess when compared to Virtual Bart. To this day people still complain about the Konami arcade game not being ported and I too would trade all those crappy games they did release for that license for that one game bitd. :
    Without Steel Empire you would think Acclaim had wasted their time creating another publishing branch lol. Good game and definitely as close as we got to say Boogie Wings on that platform.

  33. Arcades revenge and Bart's Nightmare get an F.
    They both suck

  34. Arch Rivals was not a launch title. It was released in 92’ for the Genesis so it’s more mid era. Totally agree with you on Steel Empire! I’ve spent countless hours playing that game. Truly a hidden gem in the Sega Genesis library.

  35. Would or have you considered doing an episode on demo discs, i remember some had easter eggs on them. Just thought it would make a good vid especially for younger gamers who didn't grow up with them.

  36. In T2 you dont play as Arnold you play as Hank Hill

  37. Steel Empire was remade for GBA and 3DS (eshop)

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