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Ranking and Reviewing Genesis Games Published by Flying Edge

John Hancock
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Flying Edge was a division of Acclaim that published 19 games on the Sega Genesis. In this video, I take a look at these games and give them a grade pending on what I thought of them. Physical copies of each game shown as well. What grades would you give these games? Comment below and thank you for watching!
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Games shown in this order:
Arch Rivals
Champions World Class Soccer
Double Dragon 3
Ferrari World Grand Prix Challenge
George Forman’s KO Boxing
Krustry’s Super Funhouse
NBA All Star Challenge
Robocop 3
Roger Clemens MVP Baseball
Spider Xmen Arcades Revenge
Super Smash TV
Terminator 2 Judgement Day
The Adams Family
The Incredible Crash Dummies
The Simpsons Bart Vs the Nightmare
Steel Empire
WWF Super Wrestlemania
WWF Royal Rumble

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  1. Man I remember Flying Edge from back in the day. Their games mostly sucked, their JLN counterparts on SNES were a bit better but not by much

  2. love flying edge's wwf royal rumble for sega genesis

  3. I'm not a Sega Boy, but your channel is awesome!!!

  4. What are the top 3 best baseball games on the genesis?

  5. Double Dragon 3 plays better than the arcade release. The animation doesn't look all choppy like the original and the fighting actually works. They should have revamped it like the NES version and it would have been the best version of that game.

  6. I own one Flying Edge game on the Genesis and it's the best one: Steel Empire.

  7. Great video! Royal Rumble is probably my favorite game on the Genesis. I look back on that pretty fondly.

  8. You gave crash test dummies a "C" but on the chart it was ranked a "B" did you change your mind on this?

  9. Flying Edge and Acclaim I believe they're associated with LJN.

  10. Steel Empire is the best shooter on the system and a favorite of mine. My brother asked me why did I always pick the blimp. Why wouldn't I? To this day, I don't think I ever played as that puny plane for more than a couple minutes

  11. There is also a Nintendo 3DS/2DS port of Steel Empire/Empire of Steel as well as GBA port of the game.

  12. Nice reveiews . Short and sweet, quick fire reviews!

  13. Spider Man & the X-Men is underrated, in my opinion. It's one of the best 16-bit X-Men games, behind Clone Wars and probably Mutant Apocalypse. The Super NES version is better (as usual), but the Genesis version came out a few months after the SNES so the devs took some feedback from the SNES version and made it a bit easier. I agree with John's B rating here, and I highly recommend it to X-Men fans.

  14. The Immortal One, can you share any tips to beat the final boss in Golden Axe?

  15. I LOVE ROBOCOP..I unfortunately learned a appreciation for Robocop 3. How?! It only happened after that reboot a few years ago. At least 3 was connected to a world I loved. That reboot was so far removed. I hated it.

  16. Steel Empire was one of my favorites on the Genesis/MD growing up. I eventually tried the GBA port and it honestly felt like they had watered down the game. Didn't enjoy the music as much either in the port. It has been almost a decade since I tried it though so maybe I ought to give it another shot.

  17. I've rented RoboCop 3 for the Genesis and I agree. The game Itself is so much better than the film and the gameplay share similarities from the OG RoboCop arcade.

  18. I played "Spider-Man X-Men – Arcade's Revenge" on Game Boy and liked it pretty much. Later I played the SNES version and was very disappointed, because it was way too difficult and sometimes unclear what to do. I'm really surprised that the Genesis version is rated B, maybe this version is the best.

  19. Steel Empire was one of my favorites as a kid. Probably the best on this list.

  20. Spider-Man/X-Men was the 3rd game I owned for the Genesis. I always liked it, especially the Spidey segments.

  21. Man we need all retro media to connect and great a strong brand and entity.
    The Retro gaming network

    Ps.flying edge didn’t make great games.
    Too many Mediocre products.
    Way more misses ,than hits if any at all.

  22. Awesome review. You have a new subscriber 😁

  23. I have Steel Empire I tried is as a young kid i was maybe 6 or 7 years old. Found it enjoyable but too difficult. Maybe I should pick it up again now that i'm nearly 30 lol

  24. Flying Edge its like the LJN but its on Sega Genesis 😅

  25. Crash Test Dummies story: I used to watch them every morning before school along with Beast Wars. When I had surgery, one of my teachers came to the hospital, and gave me a large velcro crash dummies figure. My parents later gave me the game. I think that gane will always hold a special place in my heart.

  26. Steel empire and "A" don't match up. Can you get two S's?

  27. I love the nes Bart vs the space mutants, and Bart vs the world, lol. Never played it on genesis but, it looks the same

  28. I received Double Dragons 3 as a gift for the Genesis, hands down worst beat em up Ive ever played, music is terrible, gameplay and controls is the worst I've ever experienced, and the level sequence makes no sense(then again I've never seen the movie) & the T2 game had the worst and most unnecessary driving level I've ever played hands down

  29. I actually really like Roger Clemens MVP Baseball on Genesis and Game Boy – the SNES version feels dull to me and the NES version is virtually unplayable! But to anyone reading this I would say the fielding perspective is unique in a good way and worth it once you make the adjustment, I just wish they would have made a sequel where they could have polished it up a bit and maybe make it so you could dive up and down to catch the ball instead of just left and right.

  30. steel empire is one my fav shooters of all time

  31. I owned Royal Rumble and I played it sll the time. I loved the original entrance themes for the characters and I was able to play with all my favourite wrestlers of the time (Brett Hart, Undertaker, Yokozuna, 1-2-3 kid, Shawn Michaels, and more!!!). LOVED the Royal rumble mode. This game’s easily an “S” for me.

  32. WWF Royal Rumble is one of my favorite games for the Genesis! Brings back memories of the good old days

  33. Always love hearing Wreck it Ralph tell me about arcade games.

  34. I think he's too hard on some of these games. Space Mutants is much easier to control on Amiga.

  35. I think that Steel Empire is one of the best from Flying Edge. In Europe it's called "Empire Of Steel".

  36. I like this dude because he´s a fan of everything <3

  37. Steel Empire is a an all-time favourite. I feel sort of vindicated that I spent all those hours defeating it over and over as a 12-year-old.

  38. The weak punches that took so long to take out an enemy… Sounds like George Foreman early comeback. Even had the cross guard going.

  39. I had all of the WWF games on both SNES and Genesis but I preferred the SNES editions despite the first 2 having very different rosters and the Genesis version of Super Wrestlemania has finishing moves where SNES didn’t. I played and beat Krusty’s Super funhouse on SNES but have not played it on Genesis.

  40. He looks like a pissed off Al from Home Improvement

  41. I would give Double Dragon 3 on the Genesis an F, literally that game is atrociously bad I mean really bad.

  42. Agreed with pretty much everything here, although I probably would have ranked Bart vs. The Space Mutants even lower. 😛 There's a lot of mediocrity in Flying Edge's catalogue, and then all of a sudden you get Steel Empire, an absolute belter of a shoot 'em up. Gorgeous graphics, good amount of depth to the gameplay, it's just a fantastic game.
    The way it looks kind of reminds me of those very late-era AGA games for the Amiga. It's a great look. Definitely a must-have for your Genesis or Mega Drive. When it came out on the GBA I absolutely HAD to buy it again.

    Good list. I enjoy these videos a lot.

  43. They actually did a version of Steel Empire for the 3ds and it looks awesome in 3d.

  44. I don't think I heard a word you said about "Bart's Nightmare". I just kept staring at the clip, waiting for in vain for Bart to pick up that darn mallet. Just how broken is that game?

  45. Steel empire should’ve been an S!!! Hands down one of the greatest side scrolling shootemups on the genesis. A true classic. Absolutely worth of an S RATING!!!

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