Quest 2 Flight Simulators - The Best Oculus Quest VR Flying Games Stand-Alone + PC VR with Link -

Quest 2 Flight Simulators – The Best Oculus Quest VR Flying Games Stand-Alone + PC VR with Link

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Looking for Quest 2 Flight Simulators? Then this is the video for you, because we’re gonna be looking at both native Quest games, as well as PC VR Flight Simulators that you can play by connecting your Quest 2 to your computer for full immersion and HOTAS support!


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0:00 Intro
0:33 Thank you!!!
1:08 Ultrawings
2:05 Air Brigade
3:01 VTOL VR
4:04 War Thunder
4:54 DCS World
5:48 X-Plane 11
6:51 Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 VR Support

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  1. Where are the advance settings in war thunder to play with vr

  2. Where is the link he said is here for VR Desktop?

  3. What good racing game I could used without pc but great internet connection

  4. lol I just got done watching top gun with my dad and I came here to find some good VR pilot games to show him 🙂

  5. subbed just bought this at Costco. Im new to this. just learning how to download the games. I really ant to get this Flight simulator and helicopter ones. as Im a pilot.

  6. I wish there were more games for aviation native to the quest 2

  7. Love the fact that this guy used Drewski's footage for VTOL VR

  8. Yeah.. if I’m needing a PC and HOTAS I’m not likely to be using a shitty Oculus2 either.

  9. IL-2 Battle Of Stalingrad with all the DCL ( FC and TC) that also is really in VR

  10. “Flight Sims you can play on the Quest 2” Shows games that need a Pc

  11. Yeah dcs is free to play but also a money sink if you actually want cool stuff.

  12. I don't mean to sound like a noob, but I am. I just got a Quest 2 and I want to play WarThunder. Do I need to have a joy stick and all those PC accessories to play it in VR, or will the handsets for the Q2 suffice as virtual controls?

  13. I'm going to assume warplanes ww 1 fighters wasn't out when you made this.

  14. If you’re gonna have games on here that you have to connect a cable to the headset to play, just call this video “best VR flight sims”

  15. Warplanes is a nice looking WW1 flight simulator for Quest 2. Not sure if it was available when this video came out, but it's well worth a mention. I can only say "nice looking" because, due to motion sickness, I haven't played enough of it to give a detailed review.

  16. These are not quest games these are pcvr games. Pretty stupid video

  17. Just got my oculus quest 2 and this system is beyond sick!

  18. You forgot IL2, which has great performance in VR. Superb for WW2 fans. Thanks for the Video though…

  19. No Warplanes?…Seriously?…It's Brilliant fun

  20. I know this video was made a year ago so I understand why but if you made a more recent one. Where would simple planes rank

  21. idk if im blind but i cant see any sims in the oculus store please someone help

  22. How do you get DCS on the Quest 2? Its not showing up in the games menu within the headset..

  23. What was the game you were playing in the intro

  24. I tried Ultrawings for about 10 minutes. That tutorial with the ultralight was horrid. The graphics are downright goofball cartoony. Refunded immediately…

  25. Missed the best one sorry but community support and content is huge foe me so simple planes a 10 flight sim with plenty of steam custom planes helis n missions

  26. Are you able to hook up a yolk or flight stick?

  27. the thing about X-Plane 11 is that it has a mobile version wich is the exact same thing, so I'm confused as to why they cant play it in VR on quest2 when it can already be played on phones

  28. im watchin this on vr that last part hit different

  29. Simple Planes VR is one of the better stand-alone Oculus flight sims out there. Huge catalog of planes, decent scenery, and you can go A/A or A/G to shoot targets. You can even spawn a tanker and try aerial refueling (tough as heck!!!).

  30. Ultrawings 2 and Warplanes: Battle Over Pacific (via App Lab/Sidequest) are out now as well. Great games! Thank you for the review. Been looking for some flight sims.

  31. When he steals operator drewskis’ footage without crediting him 😂😂

  32. I think vtol vr is the most immersive one bc neither in dcs or xplane you have hands to move inside cockpit

  33. Simple Planes is a really good flight simulator

  34. What all games are you able to use your quest 2 controllers with?

  35. Can you recommend a paramotor flight sim with highly realistic scenery. would like to use Quest 2?

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