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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – 4 Amazing Early Game Pokémon! Flying Pikachu, Ralts & More!

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In this video, we’ll be covering some of the best early game Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet!

From Flying Pikachu to Ralts, we’ll cover all of the new and exciting Pokémon in these games! This is a great video for anyone new to the series, or anyone who wants to revisit some of their favorite Pokémon from earlier games!

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Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet are the latest 2022 role-playing video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company for the Nintendo Switch.

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  1. The only one I went for is Pikachu because that’s gen 1 classic and it can fly yes!

  2. Wopper, Ralts & Riolu at the early to end game. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  3. Anyone else using the mystery gift pikachu after beating all gyms? I got mine as soon as I could and while it's not as practical as early game it can still be viable especially with light ball. My current move set is fly(obv), thunderbolt, iron tail, and double team. Naive nature too. If anyone thinks I'm an idiot and should switch at this point in the game feel free to tell me(I'll likely keep it on my team anyways but I am still eager to know what people think)

  4. Any location on eevee? Haven't started yet but will soon!

  5. Raltz evolutions doesn't depend on gender, however only males can evolve into that male form

  6. can someone please trade me normal a Bagon? specifically, a male Bagon caught in a Great Ball.

    i have Scarlet, and Bagon's Violet-exclusive; Salamence is my favourite pokemon (besides Infernape), and i'd like to beat the League with it. anyone, please?

  7. Gardevoir can be male as well. You usually have to do something special to evolve a male Kirlia into a Gallade.

  8. If i evolve flying pikachu into raichu does he still have tera flying type?

  9. Everyone get tinkatink, thank me later once you learn gigaton hammer

  10. Wait you can get a male Gardevoir though too, Gardevoir isn’t gender locked only Gallade is

  11. Ngl, I'm waiting until maybe Dec or Jan to buy, when bugs are fixed up.

    But I looked at all the new Pokemon on Serebii and tbh, love a lot of the new Pokemon and Paldean Forms/Evolutions.

    Glad I was always gonna go with Fuecoco, cat 3rd evo is meh, and not because they stand on 2 feet. And the duck is funny af lmao

  12. I just got to that town and already have 17 pokemon. I love the variety

  13. So I don't know how early you can get to the West region of paldea to be exact area 1 but that's where you can find Skiddo GoGoat is a rather tanky and versatile grass type if you're able to catch it you can you can do good with them otherwise within this area is Mankey

  14. Fun fact about Pooper….I mean Paldean Wooper. They can come with Water Absorb which negates their weakness to water. Very useful.

  15. I plan to use exclusively new pokemon/forms. What's the point in playing a new pokemon game just to use old pokemon

  16. As a tip for anyone playing when you’re looking for a specific Pokémon that spawns in the area it’ll spawn at a specific spot. So if you go to that spot and you don’t see the Pokémon you just have to walk in and out of the area until the Pokémon refresh and keep doing that whatever the spawn rate it has. You can catch Ralts early on and you can just walk in and out of the spawn area very quickly I did that about 12 times and finally I saw one.

  17. Gardevoir has been my favorite since emerald. The first shiny I encountered was a ralts and I always farm for one in each game that I can since then

  18. Pawmi on the 1st route is a good electric and final evo is electric fighting

  19. Magikarp early catch in the pond, just aim and throw a pokeball

  20. Can this Pikachu evolve and does it's terra Typ stay flying?
    Or does it has boosted stats so it can be a strong Pikachu forever? 😊

  21. I thought Flamigo was going to be here. Early game Flying/Fighting type with a 500 BST, with high attack, good speed, and a chance to have Scrappy. Now that is a fantastic early game mon.

  22. Gardevoir can be male or female, it only Gallade that is Male exclusive.

  23. So if you do not pay a montly fee to nintendo you cant get the special pikachu? That you paid for with the preorder?

  24. Wish I could find Frigibax…. That’s the only one I really wanted

  25. Wooper is awesome u forgot to mention his sweet ability he have water absorb 😊

  26. It's just a bit nit-picky but Gardevoir can be both male and female, but Gallade can only be male.

  27. Tip for whooper: Try to catch one with the ability of water absorb. This gets rid of one of ground types weaknesses and makes super effective water moves heal you.

  28. This game is absolute 🗑️ and barely playable. Can’t even believe they released this game in this state. It’s by far the worst optimized game ever on the switch. Such a joke!

  29. Just bought Scarlet. First day playing , played all day lol . Fire type starter. Got magikarp early on , Ghastly , growlithe , cyclizar and larvitar .

  30. Does anyone know if you can evolve the flying Pikachu? And is it a flying Raichu?

  31. Can you evolve the flying Pikachu and is it still flying then?

  32. 《ඞ☭A̵i̵ ̵G̸e̸n̶e̶r̸a̴t̸e̸d̴ W卐Γuigi☭ඞ》 says:

    I just wanted to make sure they kept this pokemon in

  33. Does anyone know if you need to complete the game to catch froakie

  34. The Pikachu with balloons is one the rarest pokemon cards you'll never have

  35. i really love this new pokemon game i love the big open world and being able to see the wild pokemon is really fun for me and it has the bonus of not getting annoying spawns but to me this is a really good version it makes it feel much more real as far as exploring and seeing wild pokemon is what i imagined when i was a kid playing red for the first time

  36. The game has fantastic Pokémon to find very early. Fletchling, Ghastly, Wooper, Ralts, Gibble… All of them are nice.

  37. I got rolu at lv 5 beacause I love lucario and he helps alot

  38. I found a random Magikarp extremely early on, I'm not sure if this is common or what, I just started playing the game but that little guy is hanging out til Gyarados. That's my only addition, everything else is great on this list, some I knew others I didn't so thank you.

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