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PIXEL ART TIME LAPSE #139 – Demon Flying Character Animation

DYA Games
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  1. Hello i was wondering if you could give me a link to the program IDraw i can seem to find it anywhere also do you have any tips for me i just started doing pixel art

  2. You’re working on a game, right?

    Because it looks cool. With those HD pixels.
    Keep doing the good work.👍

  3. Hi guys, i love your videos, and im starting to do my own videos and i have a few questions, if you want and have the time to answer me i would be so happy, at what speed you speedup your videos for the timelapse? How much time do you spend in a pixelart like this one, animation and all? How long have you been doing this kinda job? Thanks n.n keep doing this great videos i love them

  4. Much talent! Would u like to colab with us? We're a music label and we're searching for a pixel videoclip

  5. I want you to make Baldur's of god of war, saludos desde Argentina! Good work!

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