Pegassi Oppressor (flying bike) Review! - GTA Online -

Pegassi Oppressor (flying bike) Review! – GTA Online

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In this video I take a look at the Pegassi Oppressor flying bike introduced as part of the Gunrunning DLC and see if it’s all that its cracked up to be!

Heres a link to my friend The_law’s channel!

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  1. Dont care what you say I stick with the mk1 gang. Im not going to use something so eazy. Its more challanging

  2. Sadly I don’t like the part where you have to touch the ground to recharge.

  3. The oppressor is like the elytra from Minecraft

  4. 99,9%Comments are Anime character faces
    0,1%Are normal pictures.

  5. When you think about it the MK2 is just the mk1 but with a plane engine attached to with its old wings attached to the engine

  6. “It is over powerd” mk2 enters the chat

  7. If I would have money for this I would probably just fly around in it and just have fun

  8. “Almost too overpowered “ just wait

  9. if you dont have a boost in air then the mk2 has a confirmed kill

  10. I have MK1 & MK2 .. I think it’s depends on the situation were both of them have there pros and cons.

  11. wait you say this thing is overpowerd come on bro it is not even close to OP the MK2 is OP

  12. This should be the only opressor cus its more balanced, no need for the mk2

  13. This really wasn’t that powerful even back in 2017. Just get a Hydra or just get out of your Vehicle.

    The Mark 1 was a joke to take down. I just laugh when i see one go after me since i just spawn my Mark 2 & blow it up with Chaff

  14. 1:11 "this vehicle i gotta say is darn overpowered"

    me: ·-· you have no idea

  15. For some reason if your upside down in the air without the wings out and shoot a missile you blow up

  16. Now ppl on these just fly around for fun, it is replaced by its mk2 version

  17. Pyrealm- it can fit into tight gaps
    "Crashes trying to fit in a tight gap"

  18. "It has enough rockets to blow up pretty much anything"
    Insurgent:Are you challenging me?

  19. I'm surprised he didn't say "on road off road NO ROAD"

  20. You’re doing all wrong
    Pull out the (WINGS) then (BOOST) then pull the (STICK UP AND DOWN)

  21. In my opinion oppresser mk1 sucks and I like the deluxo(like back to the future)

  22. Litteraly 99,9999999% of all comments are about the MkII

  23. this video has aged badly XD almost too op of a bike… XD

  24. This was used to be overpowered. Many people wanted this to be nerfed and instead R* decided to add a Mk2 version instead.

  25. its funny to see videos where the oppressor is called overpowered now that we have the mk 2

  26. Mk2 should of not had missiles, just the ability to use drive by weapons to stop it becoming overpowered

  27. To come back here and listen to how mk1 was op makes me wonder whats going on inside the devs head…

  28. Mk2 is better in every way. Although i love it id ve cool with rockstar gettimg rid of it if they also got rid of hydra and lazer.

  29. I would get it but since of the research I’m not gonna get because by the time I get them it’s already gonna be replaced by a better vehicle so I would rather just get something Instead

  30. Dear people: the oppressor isn’t the issue, griefers are. Whether it’s the nightshark, hydra, lazer, insurgent or etc griefers will still exist.

  31. It bike like power ranger in space siver ranger bike

  32. Ah yes 2018 hits diff especially when he says multiple times that it might be overpowered

  33. Imagine he knew the opressor mk 2 would come out later, he wouldnt call this over the top lol

  34. It’s two over power thay say.. rockstar adds even more over powered flying bike that practically routined the game for a bit

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