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Overgrowth Flying Mod – Wolfire Community Spotlight

Wolfire Games
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A look at the Flying Mod by CryptoSeven.

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  1. Y are they advertising random mods instead of making the game?

  2. This mod is like, extremely old… pls figure out the online part of this game instead of showing old mods thanks 🙂 good game though

  3. Can you guys change your character models into bananas?

  4. It would be cool if there was a bird character model to go with this.

  5. This game now needs a Dragon Ball Z mod…

  6. What's up with all the haters? As far as I'm concerned, these videos are great. Keep it up! 🙂

  7. So basically mods are free DLC made by the community.

  8. Will you now implement flying races…? Really?? Before QUADRUPEDAL RUNNING!? 😀

  9. Lmao, you people are ungrateful as fuck. You bitch about there being silence, then you bitch when they try to engage the community. Why don't you go apply for a dev position and help them if you want it done so quick, since making games is so easy.

  10. Can you laser-flip into someone to damage them?

  11. what modern game even has modding support

  12. A flying mod? Good to know when I need to get to a spot in my custom levels I make, without having to KO the other enemies.

  13. would love to see a reskin for a bird-person

  14. I wonder if WolfireGames plans on adding a bird race and implement the code from the fly mod to that race?

  15. Hey Kavika, do you do anything else on the team beyond creating these videos?

  16. I got this game when I was in Elementary school. I'm married with 2 kids now. It's been a long 15 yrs.

  17. I didn't know what sex was when I bought this game. Now i've finished school. I really don't mean to be rude, but it's sort of taking the piss at this point. I will say i'm hyped for the campaign though.

  18. Hey its better for the flying mod what i mean is when u make a high jump youll start flying instead of flaping your wings and for gliding just make the arms in the position of the jump

  19. Looks great! but it doesnt work for me! Know why? im on mac

  20. I love this so much! I just wish there was an official bird race in Overgrowth!

  21. wasnt the original mod made by gyrthmcmulin?

  22. I am now imagining overgrowth characters having dragon ball fights.

  23. What's the outro song called? It's pretty cool.

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