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Old School Games! Flying Heroes – Gameplay

Torden the Thunderbear
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Edited 15th october 2009

This shows a round of flying heroes in the iron league. I fly for the lizard riders and fight against Hammercraft, Magion and Sky Knights. If you know the game, yes you might see that i cheated. But this game is blooooody hard! Cheating is a must, and even still you get your ass kicked!

By cheating i mean money cheat. So you can buy weapons and ships, and their upgrades.

The game takes a good 30 min++ to learn. But it’s not as hard as i previuous mentioned.

The game was very unstable for me. But i patched it with patch 1.10 and the game works flawlessly for me now! So if you have any crash problems, patch the game!

This game works for XP & Vista! 32 and 64 bit!



  1. was looking for this for ages! loved this game

  2. oh my god ive been looking for this for like 10 years every since my brain randomly remembered me playing this when i was like 6

  3. Finally found this game after many searches in Google! Played the crap out of the game back in the day, may have to see if I can download it from somewhere..they should put this on steam so more people can play this gem 💎

  4. Finally i found it! It was long long time ago i played this the last time. But with Guns of Icarus i remembered this game, but had no glue how to find it over years. ^^

  5. Ngl I love this game too but if everyone played against other people instead of ai, everyone's gonna get salty 😆

  6. this game is truly awesome indeed 🙂 too bad it crashes so often 🙁

  7. True 😛

    but the game crashes too much x(

  8. ima go look for my installation CD and hopefully set up multiplayer?

  9. aw I dreamt about getting flying heroes for years after playing the demo when it came out. And I got it with one of those discounted republished gameboxes that cost around a third of the original retailprice around 2005. I just might break out the game again and begin playing again!!
    I can only make it up to a certain level in the campagin mode, then it crashes 🙁

    but Good Times!

  10. I still play this, im on the magician career.

    I find the lizard riders really hard to play with 🙁

  11. Cool game,maybe ill go torrent it someda.Also, 1:52 IS THAT SOME SORT OF BFG?

  12. at 1:52 that is the strongest gun of the Lizard Riders. Every faction have their own weapons.

  13. If your game isn't working, I recommend getting the 1.10 patch which is still out there on the internet.

  14. There is a patch? I didn't know that! Thank you i might give it a try 🙂

  15. Ah I remember this game…
    Lizard Riders all the way.

  16. I love this kickass game…I want to ask one question though,how do you zoom out the camera thus viewing your ride,oh and if you scrool your mouse,can you go binoculars?

  17. you can press C to change view from far, close, first person and so on. There is also a button to go into scope mode with weapons.

  18. this game is sooo old….and still sooo cool I LOVE IT… love that sounds…

  19. I have this game its so cool even old games can be really fun + later they sell for alot

  20. I just found out that you can play this game via network from IP to IP I think. I managed to make my own private room.

  21. not the career and im generally horrible at them lol

    where did you get that name from btw? my brother had a hamster called speedy and he sometimes uses a name similar to yours O_o

  22. I have Windows 7 and the game crashes during combat, i have tried to patch it, but The updater says that the game hasent been installed correct. i have a downloaded version that i don't install at all, the demo crashes aswell.

  23. oh yeah… i can remember in this game ive got this game too.
    i bought it in 2001

  24. lol i have loved this game ive played this game with 6years ^^

  25. This game is just plain Awesome, I used to love it, I've still got it but sadly I have not got a PC with the right spec that will play it 🙁 the Mountains map was one of my favourites and the Lizard riders were my favourite clan to play as in campain mode but online I prefered to use the Sky Knights cos of thier speed advantage, I rocked at this game and used to dominate online matches, this game is ripe for a remake, say a version for Xbox live arcade perchance 😉

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