New Movie Game Trailer | Flying Toyz -

New Movie Game Trailer | Flying Toyz

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Watch the Game Overview Trailer of Flying Toyz: that is the fast, competitive sport game where all the map objects are interactable. In Flying Toyz you fight using gadgets to outplay the opponents while playing in an alive room, full of environmental hazards, from which you should stay away!

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  1. Flying Toyz is the fast, competitive sport game that will be fully released in Q3 – 2024 We plan to run three closed beta tests with all our early adopters and later open the game in early access. If you want to become an early adopter, wishlist the game on steam:

  2. Bellissimo gioco, bellissima la grafica, i personaggi, l’ambientazione, la musica… Quando esce?????

  3. Grafica super!! Adoro!! Quando sarà disponibile?

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