NEW Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay | FLYING OVER LONDON IN STORMY WEATHER -

NEW Microsoft Flight Simulator Gameplay | FLYING OVER LONDON IN STORMY WEATHER

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As we inch closer and closer to the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xbox Game Pass for PC on August 18th, we were lucky enough to get hands on with a pre-release version of the game!

Henry takes us on a real-time flight over London, checking out day and night, storms and snow as well as checking out some London landmarks.

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  1. Was at stall speed when it was saying too fast 🙁

  2. Can you litterally fly anywhere over the whole world?

  3. Will it only be on pc game pass or will it be on the Xbox one game pass too ?

  4. The only Game from Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft I have seen that takes a significant leap Into new technology, looks near uncanny and the real time weather and air traffic amazes me

  5. When is this coming for xbox? I’d buy the cheapest xbox just for this simulator

  6. Whys nobody flying over Northern Ireland? Ive seen videos all over the UK accept here 😴

  7. Is this dropping on the 18th for Xbox also or just pc?

  8. Hopefully in like 10 years we get a World vehicle sim car/bike/boat/plane/subs/heli in a open world

  9. Shhh!… don't mention Buckingham Palace! I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

  10. I live in Queens NYC next to JFK and LaGuardia airport. It's gonna be fun bois, my ultrawide is ready but the question how much fun it's gonna be playing with m/k or Xbox elite controller ……

  11. Aside from the airliner that had to go around for a cessna, this was a good landing

  12. I want the full simulator set up in my house for this.

  13. I wonder how the devs are gonna make this run on a base xbox one

  14. Is this a kind of flight school with all that head up displays in the cockpit?

  15. Juegazo, se ve de lujo en XBOX One

  16. Xbox release date…. Anyone! I'm bored of waiting now. It better be out for XB1 & not just the new XS. A truly Stunning game can't wait to play it.

  17. are u playing this with an Xbox one?

  18. @Xbox on, is it really coming on Xbox on the 18 because I’m getting confused if it’s going on pc or Xbox?

  19. My good friend and I are going to start out flying 3 planes, and only focusing on those 3. The Icon A5 is our bread and butter in theory. As soon as we can fire up MP, we are going to check out Denali National Park and Preserve in Alaska. We will fly from Anchorage to the park on our first flight, with some minor sight seeing, and then we will work our way Northwest or Northeast and see how well the A5 handles the terrain, and mostly see how well MSFT placed wildlife. Should be fun.

  20. Why on earth would you do a demo in the dark. May as well just turn the monitor off. Nonsense idea

  21. You're supposed to take-off and land ON the center line, not to the right of it. Notice that's where the oil stain is on the runway: on the centerline.

  22. I am very curious as to how they will be able to adapt this flight simulator to run on the xbox "one" if an i5 with nvidia 1050 is not enough to run it, and if it runs, it will be in very very low quality.

  23. Can someone please tell me what the game pass is? Like when will you be able to actually play it on Xbox?

  24. if i bye this on pc on microsoft store will this be transfered to xbox one s or do i have to bye it again

  25. I'm hoping it has accurate locations of town and city names on the map so you know exactly where you are

  26. It's not in xbox so whys this on the Xbox yt

  27. I can’t find it on Xbox store I’m so confused

  28. Biggest disappointment of this game is total lack of crash dynamics. All the amazing game reviewers were very careful to never get into a crash situation. Now I know why.

  29. They need A LOT more simulator games on Xbox.

  30. Cna i play this game on xbox one s

  31. I cannot wait for this. As a Londoner I'm looking forward from Taking off from Heathrow amd flying to my favorite holiday destination as a kid on the south coast of England.

    Awesome video.

  32. Got hands on it early with full thrust mster setup. Big improvement in visuals and performance over reg pc release. Direct x 12 optimized. Thetd is a pc refine but still only dx11 but performed better. Series x visuals are so nice.

  33. im still waiting for forza horizon 5 so while waiting in my xbox im gonna play microsoft flight simulator 2020 in my pc

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