*NEW* FLYING PLANE OLYMPICS! Game Modes in Fortnite! - gamenightuiuc.com

*NEW* FLYING PLANE OLYMPICS! Game Modes in Fortnite!

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#SSundee brings back the OLYMPICS in #Fortnite with the NEW planes that were added in the Fortnite update! Fortnite Battle Royale new Christmas Update
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  1. Wait for some reason you get that many dislikes im curious

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  5. Sundeee I love your vids when I feel bad I watch your vids and it makes me laugh

  6. Nico: he has to be weak
    Me: sigils is always weak have you seen his knees

  7. Takes me back to when planes didnt need fuel

  8. Ssundee should have named his team “Big FOOOOOT”

  9. Airplane Olympics more like air pain Olympics

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  13. one like equals a derp ssundee 124k likes ……oh god.

  14. I love u used the Danish national anthem in the beginning. If u don't believe me. Search for the Danish national anthem on YouTube

  15. I just love how he said the next day and he is still wearing the same shirt

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