New Flying Games Announced for XBOX ONE -

New Flying Games Announced for XBOX ONE

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Iron Wings by NAPS Team :

Ace Combat 7 by Projects Aces / Bandai Namco


  1. Muito top o seu canal Xgorrit Se nscreva no meu canal TB… Tenho vídeos muito bacanas no meu canal de Games…😃

  2. awesome news on your game side of things bro . I'd rather watch you pipe hobby stuff though that's just me take care my friend

  3. the iron wings looks awful, crap excuse of a story but you could live with that, its the ground soilder fighting through the streets, looks more tintin than a WW flying game, we shouldnt even have to hope for backwards compatibility because there should be competing games on this gen,

    Gamers arnt making the games anymore like i believe they was 20 years ago. not profitable for the companies when they can sell to the masses some mindless casual crap.

    Shame there isnt some clever old gamer still in games development who is out there pushing crap to the masses of zombies and using the profits for a REAL game.

  4. As for aircombat, PS1 was where i stopped bothering with that series lol
    hawks was a classic modern game for this generation of players, im sorry if you bought that to get your fix of flying lol sorry for your loss lol

    yes good flying games have been few and far apart since the snes lol

  5. X Gorrit I understand that Ace Combat 7 won't be released until December 2018, is their any truth to this, to your knowledge !

  6. Little did he know ace combat 7 would be released more that a year later

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