My Top 3 Roblox Plane Games -

My Top 3 Roblox Plane Games

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  1. project flight is better then PTFS and ptfs is super easy and boreing

  2. loving how he called PTFS (aka the most unrealistic flight sim ever) the "most realistic"

  3. I wouldn’t say ptfs is that realistic

  4. I didn’t know he played pilot training flight simulator

  5. Wait I love PTFS you love PTFS and I love PTFS

  6. Why i tey join aeronautica is not very works

  7. yall noticed the Pilot Training Flight Simulator had a ryanair plane 💀

  8. You should add project flight. Cuz ur rich. Also flight line? I forgot

  9. Project flight and flightline: has left the chat

  10. As a CCS Indonesian Translater i feel happy

  11. There was this one game with an absolutely HUGE map that you had to level up to get cooler aircraft. I spent days on that game as a kid and can’t remember the name of it! Had everything from cessna to A380’s! Would love to play it again…

  12. project flight it's the best flight simulator

  13. Project flight got a massive new update it looks so good, I need to do a vid on the update

  14. Your lists are insanely good and accurate

  15. my top 3 :

    1 project flight
    2 Flightline
    3 PTFS or Aeronotica

  16. What is the name of that plane ✈️ number 3

  17. pfts does not even have gear animations.. i mean not even flaps animations and it does not even have spoilers and etc. sure it has interiors, but cockpits are useless. flightline has working ( not sure ) cockpits and project flight does not have interior, but i think they are working on cockpits on 2 planes ( not sure ) and why would you even need seats… like you care that you are gonna sit in first class or that you are just gonna sit in a game..

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