Most Realistic Air Combat Fighter Game [Amazing Realism - PC] -

Most Realistic Air Combat Fighter Game [Amazing Realism – PC]

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In this mission we are going to fly the United States F/A-18E Super Hornet jet VS the Russian SU-35 Jets.

In this video you will see for the first time fighter jets instead of passenger planes, it’s kind of a different video. Hope you’ll like it!

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  1. Missiles were probably imported from ''CHINA" .
    BECAUSE no effect on aircraft after hitted by 5 missiles.

  2. bruh this is battlefield 3 jet mission not some ultrarealistic jet games

  3. That game looks awesome especially the carrier launch!!

  4. guys i think they mean in graphics, not actual controls and stuff lol

  5. Title: Most Realistic Air Combat Fighter Game

    Me who played DCS: Oh, I don't Think so.

  6. NO ONE walks topside, onto a flight deck, with afterburners ripping, WITHOUT EAR PROTECTION.

  7. „The most realistic air fighting game”
    You literally have Infinitiv aim-9s (even tho you can see he only carries two) can take several missiles without crashing, using the brevity code wrong most of the time, for some reason the passenger locks on to targets and operates the 20mm Vulcan etc.

  8. ah yes realistic air combat fighter game where the RIO who literally just points out stuff in real life fires the armaments very realistic

  9. hawx and hawx 2 (by Ubisoft) were great.. Dont know why they dont release hawx 3 !!

  10. Pilots taking off less than 3 minutes after entering the cockpit? Hold up there's alot that take place in between

  11. Most realistic air combat game where you casually jump out of the cockpit and shoot another jet down with a bazooka that you took with you into the cockpit

  12. If I was smoking that much I think Id be looking for a big boat or a big field somewhere far from that airport

  13. You slippin'. What, you can't check your six?

  14. That's battlefield 4 , Iran airstrike mission

  15. "Most Realistic Air Combat Game"…..then why's the Wizzo flying the Plane?

  16. real fighter pilot dont think this is the "most realistic air combat fighter game" LOL there is ALOT of wrong in this scene. the WSO is doing all the job, when its suppose to be the pilot

  17. this Is battlefield 3 FROM 2011 insane right??

  18. Stop fantasising about ganging up to attack Iran and leave them alone.

  19. Anyone please , whats the name of this game ?

  20. Wow so this is how you kill

    Just jump off the jet and let it crash into 1 dude

  21. its not realistic when 4 missiles hits you and jester can shot missiles and aim the gun

  22. “most realistic air combat game” proceeds to break 15 us navy protocols

  23. Despite Hawkin's neck, it's the exorcist I wonder how he could get approved in the Naval Academy.

  24. Realistic???????????/ Have you every drive a plain? I think never. This game has 0% of reality, ,man

  25. I think it is cool that so MANY veteran Navy pilots are offering their opinions on this video!


  26. i guess we wont see this quality jet gameplay in multiplayer, until after this generation and when internet hits 10GBps. thats alot of high-quality to be running through a server. i was hopeful 2042 could deliver this but i guess not.

  27. "Most realistic" infinite, ammo takes 15 IR missiles that go 30mph, afterburners on constantly, on the cat before pilots are even in the hornet, pulls 8gs and not even a little effected. yes

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