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Minecraft BUT We’re Flying JET FIGHTERS!

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I’ve got the most overpowered fighter jet in Minecraft!


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  1. Anyone else notice the base they got the base looks exactly like Fort Zancudo from GTA V

  2. Crainer: I’m good at flying plane
    Crainer: I’m not good at flying
    Crainer: I’m good at flying the big plane
    Slogo: this is going to be fun
    Me: oh no
    Me: why did you guys let him fly the big plane

  3. Its no4t a ac 130 its a b 52 stratofortress with 8 engines

  4. The wooden plane has to crainers fav
    You know boat

  5. Crainer is the STUPIDEST plane diver everrrr

  6. Sorry I couldn’t save you I was drinking

  7. I am your work I am your work didn't or I got it do it do it boo boo bop bop

  8. I don’t think anybody’s gonna join Craner airlines

  9. fox_arrow the gaming, engineering phycopath says:

    Slogo thee best

  10. Josh: losses a wing spins out of control “May Day May Day I’m going down! I lost a wing!”
    5 seconds later: I think I’m ready to fly a jet.

  11. what will happen i you didn’t like a the beginning

  12. The last one ac130 soz b52 bomber Vietnam war

  13. Crainer:he stinks of flying
    josh:he is good of flying
    jelly:i know that is a good pilot but now he stinks at flying

  14. Crainer would like the first plane because of the b b b boat time but he didn't boats a year ago

  15. thats a b52 stratofortress not q
    an ac1300 …

  16. I like how, of all places to crash land, Crainer crash landed in a lava pit.

  17. Exactly what others think Josh and you J tggggoon

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