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Mike Gordon – “Tilting” – Flying Games (2023) Official Video

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New album Flying Games available May 12 on ATO Records. Pre-order now on vinyl or CD at . On Tour this June +. July. View tourdates at .
Video Written and Directed by Ivan Dixon & Sean Zwan at Studio Showoff
Storyboard by Sean Zwan & Ivan Dixon
Character Designs by Ivan Dixon
Machine Design by Sean Zwan
Production Design Ivan Dixon, Sean Zwan, Ella Moffatt
Animation by Charlotte Bird-Weber, Ella Moffatt, Mikey Gillard, Sean Zwan & Ivan Dixon
Compositing Nick Campbell
Produced by Sean Zwan & Ivan Dixon

“Tilting” Written by Mike Gordon. Performed by Mike Gordon, John Kimock, Robert Walter, Scott Murawski, Craig Myers

© 2023 Megaplum under exclusive license to ATO Records. All Rights Reserved. #MikeGordon #FlyingGames


  1. This feels like Phish channeling Peter Gabriel vibes. Frippery has befallen us.

  2. That works for me 👍Keep ‘em coming Mike! Definitely wanna hear this this summer 😎

  3. Awesome animation, definitely brings the work of Terry Gilliam to mind. The song grew on me after a couple listens, an ear-worm for sure!

  4. Let's hear an acoustic version of this tune with Kottke!

  5. Can we get another Sinclair Cambridge ma show, Mike ?

  6. Solid Mike !!! Love that chorus line … 👊.. we are definitely tilting

  7. Great video!… the vibe I'm getting is Terry Gilliam x Adventure Time 🙂

  8. He’s just jealous Trey did an album with Page, and Leo Koytke doesn’t wanna work with him anymore.

  9. Smokinghotbagnahmeen Tasteytreysdaddysboi says:

    Sickkkk nice work per usual mike

  10. I like this better than Trey’s new stuff.

  11. I hear some Trent Reznor influence in this one. I like it!

  12. I think I have listened to this nearly a dozen times already lol I really like it and hope Phish start playing it at the same rate as The Howling or somethin like that.

  13. do i have to like this if i like phish, asking for a friend

  14. Will you release another single or two prior to May 12th @Mikegordon Mike??? Please!?!

  15. Let me find out gordo is taking notes from king gizz😂

  16. Beautiful music and beautiful animation, can't wait to hear it live. Great Job!

  17. Deep, I dig it Mike. Good job playing with the end times. Hold on! It's tilting alright…

  18. this song actually sucks. It has legit no redeeming qualities it might be the worst mike song hes wrote

  19. Please just stop singing. Your bands singing ruins every damn song u guys make

  20. After all these years I would have thought that you guys would figure out that your damn singing ruins all your songs. I don't get it. You don't have to sing. Is it vanity or what?

  21. Dear Phish, I know you guys have ears. I can see them on your heads. Can you not hear your very own very shitty singing that ruins every great song you make? What is wrong with you guys?

  22. I mean how can Phish listen to their own music and not immediately recognize that their singing sucks ass and ruins all their great jams. Is this Hell?

  23. You guys need to stop singing and just jam. Stop fucking around and get real heavy for once.

  24. Yup. Your singing is tilting as always. Just stop it. Do u guys get off by being annoying when u sing? jw

  25. I had high hopes for you guys years ago but you can't just stfu and jam for some crazy reason.

  26. Destruction is recreation or maybe buyers remorse ..

  27. If anyone wants to ever kill a really good song just add words and lyrics to it 🤗

  28. Does the gerbil really get squished at 2:56? I cried so hard just I like did when Scar betrayed Mustafa, or when Sonny gets blown away at that empty toll plaza out by Jones Beach. Sniff.

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