Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Xbox Game Pass] [120fps VRR] [Perfection] -

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X Gameplay Review [Xbox Game Pass] [120fps VRR] [Perfection]

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Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this incredible simulation experience that allows you to explore the entire world. To visit incredible places in real time dealing with weather. Xbox Store: [Ad]. This is just such a treasure of a game offering unlimited potential with free updates that take the experience even further than one might ever anticipate. You’re using various aircraft & taking in the beauty of the entire planet at any given time.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X Gameplay Review of this remarkable experience that captures the joy of flight whether you’re taking to the heights of skyscrapers, piercing the clouds of the sky or also weathering intense storms. It offers open world freedom across the entire globe with no restrictions aside from where you’d like to visit. You can even visit your own house which is exciting for sure.

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Microsoft #FlightSimulator #XboxSeriesX Gameplay Review of this exciting and rather intense journey of a game. It provides unlimited play potential with free update packs that further expand the scope of the enjoyment where you can visit new locations that have been improved upon.

Enjoy a wide range of different planes as you take to the skies in order to find what’s out there. This is quite a once in a life time type of experience offering unlimited exploration. There are no limits to what you can expect to see while playing from animals to boats and heavily detailed cities. The ultimate best Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X review and gameplay.


  1. I can’t believe im going to have an xbox series x as my first console. Im so excited to play this

  2. Hi mate great video i take it one doesn't have to move up the planes in order of experience to get to the big ones? 747 etc

  3. hey skycaptin will you play the new wwz dlc

  4. How do you enable the VRR? Do you just have to change your xbox to 120 FPS in the settings?

  5. It is an amazing game… flying over the British Isles in a Spitfire felt so amazing..

  6. Dude, I was on the fence about cleaning off 100GB of my X’s internal SSD, but you convinced me! Looks so cool!!

  7. Nice gameplay review. This game is so addictive and just awesome

  8. This game sucks. Everything looks like shit when you're flying low…

  9. I've watched this entire review and you truly did this game justice. You described the details perfectly and with this game that's not easy. This game justified my Series X purchase.

  10. Yes, it is beautiful game.but lack of missions bothers me.coz it is just watching for example snowrunner is good simulation game with many the way where i can see map on the flight? And is it really 13 hour flight takes 13 hour on this game?

  11. Cool game but it’s a shame it’s mostly online dependent and the offline mode is bare bone so down the line when servers go down it’s a lot worse of a experience

  12. Great review my 1st time playing it on my Serious X and I am absolutely blown away and I'm not a big SIM guy by any means but this is amazing

  13. I want the higher frames I'm connected to 2.0 hdmi monitor so will vrr still work?

  14. This game will birth many future real life pilots for sure.

  15. I heard it was glitchy
    Is it worth buying on series x?
    Because the reviews on the Microsoft store is not great

  16. I don’t like Sydney in the game where’s the harbour bridge ??

  17. The 1080p on series s is pretty jarring and the novelty wore of pretty quick for me.

  18. Sydney looks bare. The harbour bridge is the saddest thing I've seen haha

  19. I got 100 mbps Internet but the ground buildings look crap do I need to get faster internet

  20. You think this will ever come to gamepass?

  21. I can't put it down if anyone wants to fly add me on Xbox! Ace0fSlays

  22. I play warzone and a lot of other games. But after some sweaty lobby games of warzone i put on a meditation playlist and fly. I ****ing love this game!

  23. This game is absolutely amazing im blown away omg im loving this game on the series x 😀😃😀😃 wow

  24. ok I maxed at 46,640 (steady climb) feet in air and top speed was 525 knots(nose dive)…. not at the same time of course mind you….lol you right tho….this is not space simulator…

  25. Great review. This, FH5, Halo Infinite etc on Game Pass is mind-blowing in my opinion!

  26. Shame is doesn't run on X Box one which I bought in April of 2020….. Not buying another one

  27. Great game! So is this not optimized in 60 fps on the series X?

  28. Got it yesterday on Series X. Its quite addictive. 1st and 2nd attempt at landing didn't go well 😅

  29. Hey, do you know why i still get 120hz without having the VRR active? My monitor supports 144hz, but when i put vrr in this game it starts to blinking

  30. This is absolutely amazing to play. It looks stunning. I can’t for life of me land a jet but I’m having so much fun site seeing in the little prop planes

  31. Hey, don't know if you could help me. After watching this video I thought about buying a monitor with VRR, I found the samsung odyssey g5 but I don't think it has VRR. Could you help me find one with VRR? I'd rather have a 34" 165hz curved monitor, I don't want to spend so much on a new tv :/. (Sorry for this long comment, it probably didn't even make sense.) Bye!

  32. Every video I see for this sim is so damn mind blowing. I've been playing FS since the mid 80s on a Commodore 64…floppy disc that took 20 min_ to load up, but totally worth it (back then), little stick skyscrapers remembering my default airport, Midway in Chicago. Had FS98, 00, 02. Now since I've owned Mac since mid 00's…and was always on a Playstation 1, 2, 3 and 4 console since the mid 90s, this whole Xbox is actually new to me. Buying a super jacked up PC for this just wasn't happening. BUT…now seeing videos of FS2020 on this console, I simply just want the X console JUST for this, that's it, I don't need any other games! My GOD, it is beautiful!! Thanks for this.

  33. Do you feel frame stuttering when playing in 120fps? I’m playing on 30fps on sx and sometimes it feels terrible due to the frame drop.

  34. This game gets even more fun if you get an Xbox joystick controller!
    I got a preview of it at an airshow and it was absolutely stunning for me. So now I'm hoping to get the game +the Xbox series x and a joystick controller to take in the high flying action! Thank you very much for the review.

    With the free top gun maverick expansion pass I am really excited to do funny dog fights with other players.

  35. Thank you for the excellent game review … very well done. I've been on the fence regarding purchasing the game. I needed to see a good honest review on the Series X. I'm gonna buy it tonight.

  36. This game is flawless… honestly, A Flawless flying experience. The Xbox Series X is one of the greatest consoles due to the game pass library alone! MLB, Halo, Flight Simulator, & Xbox Gold all in one package?! Simply Breathtaking.

  37. The problem of the xbox is: it does not have enough ammount(minimum 32gb) of RAM, to run this game, so always CTDs especially Airliners.. 😢

  38. I'm buying xbox series x ,I played on gaming pc the fsx ,I have saitek peddles and yoke etc ,are these compatible on the xbox please

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