Microsoft Flight Simulator: The entire world in a game - BBC News -

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The entire world in a game – BBC News

BBC News
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Microsoft has revived its Flight Simulator series after more than a decade, promising gamers a replica of the entire globe to play on.

It does so using new AI-driven technology – one that needs a constant fast internet connection to work at its best.

The BBC’s David Molloy took to the skies to find out if it lived up to its lofty promise.

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  1. New updates are very good! Its not like this anymore 🎉

  2. Not an acquired taste. It's not for everyone.

    Sure it is not. My computer would be a campfire.

  3. 3rd party developer : Here is the Twin Towers

  4. Wow yo lo tengo y es espectacular único… Enserio es asombroso… Recomendado totalmente…

  5. 'update'? It's a new game not an 'update'

  6. its funny how he put north korea and area 51 in the same sentence ahahah

  7. ldg gear up man come ON I KNOW u getting a warning light or sound for that shit

  8. Happily they didnt have to be accurate as huge parts of the world aint lol

  9. Does anyone know if anyone has flown around the world in game straight one shot?

  10. The stars in the sky are just holes poked in to our container so we can breath.

  11. What the pc spec ? (for running this smoothly?)

  12. I also put the tag BBC on my plane but it didn’t mean British Broadcasting Agency.

  13. Everyone gangsta until you find another you in the simulation

  14. How long does it take to fly to SF to DC or NYC to Paris?

  15. Microsoft: Fly anywhere in the world.
    Legends:Flying over their crush's house.

  16. Is the Island from Jefery Epstein in that game or did Bill Gates cancel it out ?

  17. In the interest of National Security? Is this really safe for ANYONE to be able to access? We've already seen what can go wrong back in 2001.

  18. Just happens to have a few major buildings missing with the option to buy more.

  19. Imagine if Sony made this game, you would have to pay $70 for every city you wanna visit.

  20. only an idiot like you would fail training missions, with your definition of an aileron, what are flaps then?

  21. BBC should use a gaming PC for there Gameplay.

  22. All I have to do to play this is spend $3000 on a pc

  23. Let’s hope terrorist don’t get copy’s of this game, could be a bad thing. Not only showing and teaching how to fly, also showing them way to many details of locations.

  24. 2:25 – Proooobably wasn’t the best idea to show footage of a low flying aircraft travelling through NYC now was it

  25. I don't' know what's real and not real anymore ….. amazing

  26. Do Rebels bring the plane down by missiles n intel supplied to them by Russians when you are flying over eastern Ukraine?

  27. They should make Microsoft life simulation 👀👀 buy your own house and cars even your own plane and purchase clothes properties and play online i bet it will expensive but who cares plenty of buyers out there. Imagine living in your own city in that game also travel and jobs 😃😃👀👀👀 Better then Gta

  28. I dont know if they're not allowed to have certain buildings, but they completely missed the huge cathedral my city has 😂🤣

  29. A lot of found memories playing this game back in the 90s. Would love to get a go at this new one.

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