Microsoft Flight Simulator: The entire world in a game - BBC News -

Microsoft Flight Simulator: The entire world in a game – BBC News

BBC News
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Microsoft has revived its Flight Simulator series after more than a decade, promising gamers a replica of the entire globe to play on.

It does so using new AI-driven technology – one that needs a constant fast internet connection to work at its best.

The BBC’s David Molloy took to the skies to find out if it lived up to its lofty promise.

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  1. Pppfffftttt I prefer Mario Kart on the N64

  2. “Modelled the entire world”
    Stuttgart airport: are you sure about that

  3. One day this is how people will travel because you won't be able to go anywhere in real life

  4. Look guys its our house, lets try and crash it there it will be funny..>

    Why do I hear an airplane outside??

  5. LOL @ turned Buckingham Palace into a block of flats

  6. "Oh I can can anywhere I want"!
    Gets game…….

    "I want to go to my house".

  7. This game is constantly being updated and upgraded, check it out!

  8. they've released a world update for uk and ireland, so some buildings have been added, plus photogrammetry

  9. The game is inarguably beautiful. I just want to play it crash a plane into my ex's house. Not because I am bitter. She did slice my throat on my birthday LMFAO

  10. Your "Gaming PC" just cant seem to handle Flight Simulator, need a High end PC, PS5 or Series X,

  11. Cannot wait for Flat Earthers to use any game glitches to prove their ‘truths’ !

  12. Actually, Air Traffic Control that is responsible for the air space over Area 51 are very personable and nice. How nice you ask? It was recently revealed by a private pilot that you can request to fly over Area 51 and according to him. Air Traffic Control will grant the request the majority of the time. He has video proof of this that he shot during the dozen or so times he flew over the famous secret government facility.

    He even offers an opinion as to why if asked they will grant you permission.
    According to him. The times we was blocked flying over Area 51ATC was well aware that there was "sensitive" materials out in the open so access was denied.

    He goes on to say that he believes we have Google Earth and other mapping satellites to thank for the allowance to fly over. He believes the employees and powers that be at the base have made significant changes as to what gets,taken outside into the open and when. He believes all the cool top secret things at the base get built, tested and stored in subterranean levels. He believes the vast majority of the base is underground and what we see up top and outside is just a fraction of the size of that base

  13. imagine mr.beast making this game, getting money for playing

  14. Do not download this game on your potato pc 😂

  15. good luck running it unless you have a high end pc 🤑🧐🤡

  16. This game is not really accurate. I tried to fly in Harare zimbabwe to South Africa but the maps were not accurate. They were no cows, wooded nuts, or people

  17. Now I’ve crashed in most major airports around the globe!

  18. First thing I did when I downloaded was asking if they have North Korea so I flew to it

  19. Пенятир Гоблок[Pemsatir Goblok] says:

    new conspiracy theory

  20. 0:28 Unrecoverable/uncontrolled steep descent into terrain. What a way to sell a sim!! tsk tsk

  21. 0:58 if the guy flying you home is making turns like that!! You should be in a hospital recovering excessive G-force injury!

  22. 1:14 Isn't that what Buckingham Palace is? maybe Microsoft is onto something, Bill Gates has this thing about the future. I foresee a prophecy in the making here!

  23. 2:04 Ok let me clear this shite up right away. You will never 'learn to fly a plane' using an X-Box controller or anything resembling said controller. Yes you may grasp some rudimentary knowledge of what a plane does. But that is all, go sign up at a flying school. Or spend the money and immerse yourself into the sim with all the available peripherals. But for this guy to use the word 'learn' while an X-box controller is behind him. Absolute garbage! Sorry it just had to be said.

  24. “They turned Buckingham Palace into a block of flats.”

  25. Gta better step they shit up, we tryna play the whole world on that too 🤣

  26. Imagine if Microsoft attempted a Driving/Travel/Tour Simulator covering the whole World. A 1:1 scale would possibly be a big ask. However to fly across the World in FS, it's around 9000 NM. So, what if they managed 1:4 scale of the Earth, for Driving/Even Walking/Sightseeing?

    Whilst travelling you'd have a GPS to guide you, also there would be realistic sign posts to Towns/Cities Worldwide. And several Cars/Vans/ Trucks/Tractors/Emergency vehicles to choose to drive.

    For example, according to Google Maps , it takes 41 hours to drive from LA to NY. On a scale of 1:4 it could take 10.5 hours.

    Another example, from Lands End to John O Groats UK, the journey would take 14 hours in real time. On a cut down scale to 1:4 it would take 3.5 hours. Still a long journey.

    Also, imagine driving from London to Cape Town, South Africa, in real time, (7 days 11 hours), going via ferries, tolls and off roads etc). On a 1:4 scale of game time, doing the same via ferries, tolls, off roads etc, it would take 2 days 3 hours.

    The Earth across is 25,000 miles and Flight Simulator covered that.
    On a 1:4 scale driving scale, (6000 miles across) could a World driving Simulator cover this?

  27. Beyond beliefs – Ben Böhmer

    Should be the sound track of this game

  28. Oh who cares what a woke BBC journalist thinks about a video game he never paid for!

  29. I just wanna jump out and chute my way to the ballas territory

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