Microsoft Flight Simulator - Part 1 - FIRST SOLO FLIGHT! -

Microsoft Flight Simulator – Part 1 – FIRST SOLO FLIGHT!

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  1. Look I love this game 10/10 I want to give this game love 💘❤♥😍💜💕 thank you flight you can go anywhere like from your house for example its perfection get the game 10/10 alright and like the comment if you want to enjoyed this game !!! It's remarkable 👏🙌👌😊☺😌👏🙌👌😊

  2. Imagine your a passenger and you overhear him say this is my first time let's hope this goes well, uhhhh where is the parking brake??

  3. Ayeeee i go to that portilo’s in tampa all the time i live 20 minutes from it!

  4. You’re just sipping your soda and hear the pilot say “enjoy the scenery, because who knows if we’re on our last few breaths.”😂😂😂😂

  5. Please help,where i get Microsoft flight simulator game?

  6. "That looks like a parking break, nope, that's the landing gear"💔😂

  7. I wish this game was on Xbox one s not series x&s 😔

  8. You should be fired. Your not allowed to be making YouTube videos when your on duty as a pilot.

  9. I’m only 12 but I’m going to try and buy the joystick and everything for Xbox because this game looks soooooooooooooo fun

  10. Funny Textron Aviation motors are built in my town, less than 2 miles away from me. I have good friends that work there. 😂

  11. This is your captain speaking please be sure to not trust trevor when he is flying a plane because he is a beginner and haven't earned his captain license yet this is part of his training session but dont worry I'm the professional training him so we will be perfectly fine please stay seated and your now free to use your gadgets until landing time thank you for flying with us today and enjoy your flight thank you

  12. When you mentioned that planes don’t go in a straight line I laughed a little. When a plane goes straight to their destination without like instruments it’s called VFR and when you take different paths using the instruments it’s called IFR so when you did your flight you did a VFR

  13. lol. Hilarious. Thank you Captain!

  14. I wish you could have actual passengers in vr. Lmao I’ll be trolling everybody 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. Could you please tell me what kind of laptop or desktop I would need to play this flight simulator

  16. Lol I did the opposite flight from Tampa to Orlando flew by my house.

  17. I would like to ask how much his device equipments ??

  18. not sure if you know this but portillos opened up a few months ago lol….its on turkey lake

  19. Damn Orlando got ALOT of lakes! Because I'm not a Tmar2n vlog videos guy

  20. The best flights are vfr in Canada. Just sayin' ; )

  21. Any aviation geeks in here with their anxiety shooting through the roof 😂

  22. My dream is to get a gaming pc and play flight simulator 😭

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