Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xcloud - Xbox Cloud Gaming Gets Flight Sim at last -

Microsoft Flight Simulator on Xcloud – Xbox Cloud Gaming Gets Flight Sim at last

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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is finally on Xbox Cloud Gaming meaning you really can play MS Flight Simulator Anywhere you can play Xbox Game Pass. MS FS 2020 plays extremely well in the browser and we will be sure to check out mobile gameplay in the near future. Xcloud gameplay for ms fs 2020 works extremely well and ms fs 2020 xcloud really shows the power of the cloud.

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  1. The description of the challenge is to land on 01L and you landed on 01R. You can see the "01R" on the runway as you pass over the threshold. So there's another runway to the left. You're sooooo dragged in (shallow) on your approach that it's going to be very hard to see the other runway. Normal glideslopes are around 3 degrees and you were like 1 to 1.5, hitting 50 feet about 500 feet short of the runway threshold. Normally you'd be at about 50 feet, particularly in a widebody aircraft, passing over the threshold.

  2. Amazing news) will test it out tonight after the work

  3. gördüğüm!'de bende şaşırdım xcloud'da 🙂

  4. I have a lot of screen tear and my internet speed is fine. Im on xbox one. Tips?

  5. Does this mean that i can buy microsoft flight simulator on my xbox one S and play it right now or am i wrong?

  6. It looks awful and I've got fiber internet and everything else runs fine on the Xbox one

  7. It looks awful and I've got fiber internet and everything else runs fine on the Xbox one

  8. awesome only reason i wanted to get a xbox now i don't need to get one now

  9. Omg im playing on the Xbox onex that can't play Microsoft flight Sim. This is awes

  10. I can find the cloud gaming Version on my phone but not on my Laptop. Do you maybe know why?

  11. Incriveĺ, em 5 anos atras eu ja imahimava que iria jogar Microsoft flight simulator pelo celular.

  12. Whenever I’m loading into a flight, the game stops responding to the controller. But in any of the menus it works fine. Anyone know what’s happening?

  13. Wonderful. Do Yokes and steering’s work on Xcloud?

  14. Hello, I see that on pc it doesn't let you play with HOTAS or with keyboard and mouse. The game won't open for me if I don't have a compatible xbox controller. what a scam

  15. When the fuck are they going to learn the frame rate matters the most?! 30fps? Fuck 30fps.

  16. I tried to play this game on my Xbox one s on cloud gaming, and it’s beyond unplayable (my wifi is around 300-350mbps) it has the worst freezing and visual glitches do you know how I can get it to run smoothly?

  17. •••• Does anyone know of a HOTAS flight controller that can be used with a smartphone for CLOUD GAMING, or an adapter that would make it possible?…
    For Xcloud & GeForce Now Streaming space/flight Simulators

  18. Is there a way to install mods to msfs2020 on Xbox cloud gaming?

  19. really disappointed because i bought an thrustmaster hotas one for xbox/pc and it does not support it …. very sad

  20. I'm playing this on my OG Xbox One and it's sweet!! I also stream it on my 10 year old laptop on WiFi and it runs perfectly, no latency or lag!

  21. The mouse disappears after i load into menu, any help?:(

  22. I keep trying to get my friend on this game but I have no idea how to get him to see the cloud option. It just gives him download option and we can’t do that on Xbox one S. how can he find the cloud gaming option??

  23. I’m having an issue with the screen. It starts off blurry and then it becomes smooth and ut keeps repeating every time i move the screen. Is there any way to fix it

  24. Runways on the left of airport as you approach

  25. is there a way to clear the save as my 787-10 has just disappeared

  26. Holy crap. I’m a huge plane fan, I know of a few pilots, but this is awesome I can finally come home, relax and fly some planes, it’s a bit pixels fo me but it’s okay as long as I can fly a plane

  27. I’ve been liking every but can we use vatsim with this?

  28. YO man, can u say what's ur wifi speed is like??Mine one is around 300Mbps with 41 ms ping. Can i play it without getting pissed?😂😅

  29. how do u get it to be online tho like market place and playing with friends mine just doesnt work

  30. I loaded it up and it works great but my flight controls are inverted do you know how to fix

  31. I play on Xcloud on PC cause I dont have the hard drive space for it lol

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