Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition - Available now -

Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition – Available now

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Available now! We are thrilled to release the Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition as a “thank you” to our fans who have made the sim such a phenomenon. The Game of the Year Edition is enhanced with 5 brand new aircraft and 8 additional handcrafted airports, new missions, tutorials, features, photogrammetry cities, and includes all of the content updates released since launch in 2020.

The GOTY Edition is a free update for owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and is included in Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Also available on the Microsoft Store and Steam. The sky is calling!

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  1. Cant wait until aerosoft and PDGM release their aircrafts for PC.

  2. Wow! Thank you!
    Not just game of the year but best game ever made !

  3. Bruh i would play this game but it takes up waaaaaaaaaaay to muah space bruh 102gb my Xbox only has 512 totally space without the expansion

  4. If only we could find Series X in stock anywhere to play..

  5. Watch out I heard someone was playing this around 2001 and hit towers safe flying y’all

  6. I am getting series x very soon, just can't wait to play horizon and flight simulator on X, sold my series s recently.

  7. Best looking game ever, after Forza Horizon 5.

  8. Карту ведь можно использовать ещё на 100500 жанров, Стратегии, Военные симуляторы, Процедурно перерегенить под майнкрафт. Строить дамбы, жд пути, мосты, экономический симулятор, где нужно создавать колонии на других континентах, plague inc симулятор. Куски HD текстур известных городов брать для конкретных стрелялок, типа ГТа в Москве.

  9. Whats the difference in between previous version?

  10. On Xbox after this update, i can’t click and interact on cockpit instruments with mouse, before yes!

  11. If they put every location and add every plane, they will never have to make another Flight Simulator cuz these graphics are photo-realistic.

  12. Was genuinely expecting we'd have to pay for the volocopter and additional aircraft, so this was an amazing surprise when I booted the game up again last night. Asobo and Xbox are just smashing it out of the park right now, kudos!

  13. But we need more airliners. There are so many prop planes.

  14. This game was the sole reason i got series x and then fell in love with the whole thing <3

  15. Why I can´t cloud stream this to my Xbox one ? this game was the game why I waited the cloud streaming. =/

  16. I don't understand this game's appeal. I have tried it but there's literally nothing to do except hover over cities and stuff

  17. Why does it say "not playable on this devise" ?

  18. Tried to update on windows store and the update failed and deleted my 200gb install folder

  19. How can I get the aircraft on Xbox Series X ? Inclued with the game pass ?

  20. I mean, if the game didn't crash all the time, I'd be more stoked.

  21. I want flight simulator in my phone for free

  22. I still stuck update on PC. need something Asobo..

  23. I have uninstalled it because i can't buy RTX gpu to run it like normal

  24. How did you get the 3090 ti to run this game at those graphics

  25. Add support for Xbox one, you can reach out to more players then = more money = mutal happiness

  26. best game in world , thnx for add it in Xbox

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