Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 gameplay (PC Game, 1993) -

Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0 gameplay (PC Game, 1993)

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Introduction and gameplay for Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0, Dos PC game produced by Microsoft in 1993 –
Taking some flying lessons in this complex and detailed simulator.
Played through Dosbox emulation platform.
Recorded with original sound.

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  1. this is absolutely mind blowing. I’m so surprised 3d tech was this advanced when doom came out this same year

  2. Is this the normal speed for the game or is it slow due to the emulator? It's honestly very impressive for 1993.

  3. I just get an error in my head of that stuttering. Brr

  4. I had MSFS 5.0 as a kid. I'm a fighter pilot now. It would be an understatement to say that this game had an impact on my life. I played it as a kid, I live it as an adult.

  5. I still have this, box, big manual, and all. I guises I can’t bring myself to throw any of my old games away. It would lock up on my old 486. I always felt it was corrupted. Maybe one of the floppies was bad.

  6. This was mostly ported to Windows 95 as Flight Simulator for Windows 95. Despite being called a port of 5.1, there is more airports, cities aircraft, and superior graphics.

  7. i liked it , it makes me laugh when ppl say oh no no once you have played at 144hz you can't go back at 60.. this may be like 2 fps… i had a pentium 60 with it

  8. Back in the early '90's, I got my first PC, and I didn't care if it could do anything else as long as it could run this.

  9. What that game have run (in that way) with a standard 486-SX/DX?

  10. I seem to remember a Version of Flight Simulator in the 90s where the plane's engine made this horrible screeching sound on the PC Speaker (like a modem)

  11. This was my first ever Flight sim in 1996. Loved it! but being an MS DOS game I could not get the full scenery as I could not figure out how to configure and get expanded memory to work on our PC. But Flight Sim 98 worked fine 🙂

  12. And here I am, thinking 60 FPS is way too low.

  13. Total nostalgia. I would play this on my uncle's computer when he first got it back in 1993. Its crude now, but back then the graphics were mind blowing since it was the first 3D polygonal game I ever seen where it felt like I could see real places, and go anywhere, like flying up into the clouds. Keep in mind I wasnt a PC gamer yet, and I was still rocking the SNES, so it blew my mind.

  14. I miss Meigs Field. Darn Mayor Richard M. Daley!. BTW it is a very long time now that I'm tied up to MSFS. I started in 1983 on my Aplle II when it was still from Sublogic Coorporation. Thanks Bruce Artwick!

  15. Ha Megs Field! The executive airport where then Mayor Richard Daley literally had its run way torn up in the middle of the night. It was so sudden that there were planes trapped there.

  16. I might play this. Looks ok as I have fsx but what is that fps? Too low

  17. Recommendations really going into history class

  18. Super Smooth 5fps ,Gpu might need an over clock

  19. Dude, my family went to Chicago in the mid 90s when I was a kid. Visiting Meigs field was like a pilgrimage to Mecca for me. I couldn’t BELIEVE I was actually in the real place after having spent so much time there in flight simulator. We even got to visit the tower and watch the planes take off and land.

  20. Anyone here play this in their childhood and having nostalgia feelings playing FS2020?

  21. Not so much a case of low fps but high fpm! 😬

  22. allmoust hurt my head theasedays look that laging shit 🤔🤭🤭😁😄😄

  23. I hope Microsoft can make it where we can play MFS 4.0 and 5.0

  24. I remember when you would start the game and the engine sound would start way before the graphics (just like in this video). I always had to turn my speakers down before starting the game late at night so I wouldn't wake my parents up.

  25. Back in the early 90s we didn't have fps – we had spf (seconds per frame) – and we were still blown away by the graphics.

  26. my first flight simulator. Running in a 486 dx75 and a 1mb trident vga, laggy as hell but playable as long as I didn't fly over big cities like new york, something that caused a harsh drop in the fps. I miss Meigs by the way.

  27. 3 frames per second. That was the staple of an early ’90s hardcore simulator.

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