Making A Space Flying Game in 72 Hours -

Making A Space Flying Game in 72 Hours

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  1. This build looks great for the amount of time put in. I am enrolled in the FPS and love it. If this becomes a course take my money, please… Always great content James

  2. Hello instructor, can you make tutorial of this game on udemy?. Thank you very much.

  3. I Would Love A Tutorial To Make Something like This!

  4. Yes a tutorial would be awesome also adding a tutorial inside it for a boss battle would be great as well.

  5. Its a good game i wasn't able to beat the level where i need to take out all of the enemys tho that might be me

  6. I’m trying to find a game where u can explore and I can have multiplayer or single player maybe when I get older!

  7. A tutorial would be great, about the movement amd a control.

  8. Cool work I appreciate you to make such type game.

  9. Would you mind showing us some of the code for the space ship controller? Im working on a spaceship and i just cant get that spaceship movement that i like with the mouse and everything. If not, I understand, its your work.

  10. Hey! Amazing video and work on that game. I would really appreciate a tutorial on the way you kind of lock on the asteroids? It's super cool, and i would love to add it to my game. (:

  11. i am making a space game like yours please make a tutorial!

  12. This is such a lovely project, it would be awesome if you could explain how the player enter and exit from the spaceship! Thank you 🙂

  13. How hard is it to do a game like this if never used unity before ??

  14. Super fantastic 👏👏 👍🦹🦸‍♀️🦸‍♀️

  15. Bruh that isn't a barrel roll. It's an aileron roll.

  16. can i get a new discord invite I'm an aspiring game designer and im trying to make my own space game

  17. I liked this game, can you make the full version?

  18. Why did you add air brakes on a spaceship?

  19. The Mandolorian Simulator TM. Good job on this game, it looks great!

  20. Omg udmy course please how to make this game, flying to the sky and going out the astmosphere like this game

  21. Can I use it as a base for my game? I will mention that I used your game as base is it Ok?

  22. Man I found myself watching this and mentally comparing it to other space games I've played over the years, then I caught myself and realized this is far beyond anything I've ever done in my life. Good work man I say keep going it's really great and you should be extremely happy with it.

  23. ATL Space Challenge Is There……U Can Present This Project …….Under the Topic Explore Space

  24. You can make open world game with this project

  25. Can you please make a tutorial? or, are you interested in continuing this project but like with an on rail kinda like starfox? I'm planning on something like that, doing the concept art first, amazing video anyway, thanks!

  26. Sir how did you do this awsome colour changing skybox?

  27. how do you make the blaster things like how do you make it shoot? i love the idea!

  28. Typing the code is the best i know nothkmh about it but the code is so cool to watch how it changes, one guy made a solar system planets you can land on stuff like that

  29. This physics system is almost precisely what I've been trying to achieve with my current project, and your scene change portal is perfect for the implementation I had in mind. I'd love to talk sometime.

  30. I still don't know how you managed this in 3 days. I have managed to create one third of these features in a week.

  31. I have this game in my head, but I'm not a developer, and I finally got my mingw w64 installed and working. I have a mingw w64 version from cs1300 which comes with winBGIm, a modified graphics.h file. I've been trying to tackle these problems with how to create a main menu with user-input, and then have it launch the game. I would also love to know how you did the interactive boxes once the game has started. This would come in handy if you want to dock at a station and trade goods, and then I would need some sort of hud to let me know how much fuel I have, etc

  32. So. These arcade spaceship shooters are easy to make, have almost no requirements to run, and i love them. Why arent there a ton of them?

  33. Does anyone know what these space shooters are called as a genre in video games?

  34. I am learning how to create a space game just like this. Do you have a Udemy beginners course on starting to create it? I have courses on scripting, RPG core mechanics, and other useful tutorials to learn from, but I need to know this process.

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