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Longest Flying Paper Plane || Best Long Flying Paper Plane || Flying Rocket Plane

Techno Kri Art
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How to make easy longest flying paper airplane. just a make
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  1. we look at his bracelet and from nasismo 🤦

  2. Am i the only one here that still like to play with paper airplane eventho i am a teen

  3. Thank Good 🙋🤝💓🙏

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  5. So is no one going to talk about the swastika on the dudes bracelet?

  6. I’ve made a plane and it was a windy day so I threw it and we followed it in our car and it flew a km from the wind

  7. bullshit, I've tried it few times and it still doesn't fly long. Your planes are beautiful but it doesn't fly as long as it has to

  8. 🦅🌲 thank you very much for posting your video stay safe out there today 🙋‍♂️

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    amazing crafts

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  11. Excellent paper plane 👍 new friend 🙏❤️ join you 👍🔔🔔🔔🔔✅✅✅ All the best dear friend 🙏❤️

  12. I made it and it flew very very very very well

  13. 와 대단하네요. 행복하고 기쁜 가을날되세요..🤞🤞🌹🌹🎀🎀🎀

  14. You always have the best videos always remember optimism is a happiness magnetic. I"ll always be here to support you stay connected 😘😘

  15. Wow…Very nice, Keep it up! I'm waiting for you at my place too, it would help me a lot!👍

  16. I made this plane and it flew so well! Thanks, Techno!

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