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Kite Flying Combat – Patang wala Game – Patangbaaz

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Kite flying is a popular sport in India, China, and Pakistan. There was even a time when men fought brutal battles in the skies with their kites. The meaning of kite battle is kites swerving and swooping in the sky, tangling with each other until the string of one was severed. India Vs Pakistan Kite Flying Combat is a real simulator and kites worldwide phenomenon of popularity. The goal is to fight and cut the opposing kites in a real battle in the sky. Show your “Khech”, “Dhil” & “Thumka” skills of kite flying. All controls are too much realistic that you will feel real kite flying on your terrace.

In India Vs Pakistan Kite Flying Combat for Fun you can do kite fly battle just for fun with kites from Pakistan, India, and China. Select your desired country and start flying kite in blue sky. You will be able to learn sport spirit with this kite game. Don’t lose yourself as here you will be playing on behalf of your country’s name. There are many levels to play and extremely high-performance kits & reels are waiting for all kite flying lovers. Give a challenge to the world’s best kite cutter or kite fighter.

Unlimited game plays with different kite players around the city are waiting for you in this kite flying combat game. The sky is the only limit to fly a kite in this India Vs Pakistan Kite Flying Combat. You will have a limited time to cut opponent’s kite. Cut as many kites as possible of your opponent to win the 1 Vs 1 match.

Kite flying in Pakistan is a social event that happens once in a year. Lahore is considered as kite batting city in south Asia.The celebration goes for two days long Bassant or Spring Festival in Pakistan.

The Weifang International Kite Festival is an annual kite-flying festival held in Weifang, China. Each spring, people in the city fly kites as a leisure outdoor activity. The designs on many Chinese kites have a symbolic meaning or illustrations from Chinese folklore or history.

Fighter kites are known as “patang” in India. Kite flying takes place mainly during specific festivals particularly the spring festival known as Basant, during Makar Sankranti.

How to play:
1. Select your country
2. Select kite and threads
3. Start flying kite and patch with your opponents
4. When patch is done either give dheel or khech as fast as you can
5. If your speed of tapping is fast then the opponent then you will win
6. Upgrade your kite and reels to give best challenge

Kite Models:
Pipa, Peixinho, Raia, Patang, Volantines, Tukkal, Layang, Veloster, GT, Caçadeira, Flechão, Flecinha, Youngwe, Pião Raia, Joystick, Sputnick, Raia Koreana, Cafifa, Pelequinho, Lápis, Tomawalk, Papagaio, Britt, Arraia Baiana, Caixão, Batata, Chula Kite, Wau Bulan, Wau Kucing, Wau Jalabudi.

Line Types:
Cerol, Chilena, Manjhas, Roca, Manivela, line 10, line 4, line 24

Features of India Vs Pakistan Kite Flying Combat:

-Several kites from various countries, all kites based on real kites
-Greece, Cyprus, Bermuda, and Māori kite
-Festival, kites of shape
-Art of the balloon being represented
-Fight with competitor to cut kites
-TAP-TAP to patch button for other kites cut
-Many kites and 2000 meter reel to enjoy with


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