Jaylen Brown Flying Dunk! Celtics Clamp Heat Game 5! 2022 NBA Playoffs Celtics vs Heat Game 5 - gamenightuiuc.com

Jaylen Brown Flying Dunk! Celtics Clamp Heat Game 5! 2022 NBA Playoffs Celtics vs Heat Game 5

Chris Smoove
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Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown take care of business in game 5 and are now just 1 win away from the NBA Finals.


  1. I'm a heat fan but Al has really been in a beast mode this season.

  2. At this rate. The Celtics could win it all.

  3. the heat have played absolutely terrible these last two games. they literally can't make a shot even when wide open.they played hard just didn't make shots

  4. Embiid: “the heat need another star…”

    Also Embiid “you either die a hero or live to see yourself become a villain”

    Also aaaalso Embiid: “fine, I’ll do it myself”

  5. Do people remember just how bad Celtics used to be for the first few months of the season? They were the joke of the league similar to Lakers. This is one of the biggest turn around stories ever.

  6. Why has strus been playing so much? Play Duncan Robinson and run off ball screens for him like in the past.

  7. Chris smoove cussing is so weird to me bruh☠️

  8. My opinion> when jimmy butler isn’t drawing fouls he’s just your average 10 ppg player🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. Everybody giving props to Al… he's a bada** gotta give him that

    Now look at Bron ,year 20 ,2-3 to 40 😂

  10. Only bad thing aboout the playoffs is that there are less Smoove vids

  11. I remember heat fans saying can't be heat in 6 without 2 Ls… Where ya'll now? 😂😂

  12. Joel tryna get rid of harden already with that statement😂

  13. We need to stop acting like 35y is old. No more in our era

  14. Only King James can stop this celtics team ! Im huge Lakers fan but i want celtics to win the ring !

  15. I love when nba players tweet about the payoffs from their couch

  16. Lol Embiid shouldn’t be talking, he had 4 stars on his team at one point and could only make the conference finals

  17. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is it's pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation.i think stores better have tight security because when people can't afford to feed their families, things might get ugly..

  18. Embiid can’t say nun ab needing another star😭

  19. Embiid going to the Heat next year. Trust the process.

  20. I do not know how Bucks without Middleton put up a better fight than Heat without Herro.

  21. what if he not trolling nd he’s really going to go to the heat 😏

  22. So the NBA isn’t drug testing Honest AL. He Ballin!

  23. If the Heat get eliminated by the Celtics then I would have to agree with Joel Embiid, just saying

  24. Hey Chris are you going to play sniper elite 5 ?

  25. Horford setting up to get overdrafted in fantasy basketball next year but why show out in thr regular season or try to play 82? Peak performance at the perfect time rn.

  26. “He said aw hell nah I’m moving” 😂

  27. Go Celtics, go! 🤍💚🏀

  28. Bam has to go, imo. He's like Ben Simmons, he's not interested in being the player that can command the game, he only content with what he can do. He'll have flashes, but that's only to show off and nothing more

  29. Mark my words. 2023: Kawhi goes Toronto, PG13 goes Miami

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