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Ja Morant’s BEST High-Flying Jams 🤯

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  1. That Memphis court with the old Grizzlies logo and the paint is colored brown is what they should go with permanently…..!!!

  2. 🤣 “a ja breaker”, commentator metaphors are accurate.

  3. 1:04 – He slips! He slips on his jump-stop and STILL elevated through the roof. Bruh, I can't even…

  4. He must have like Dr J-size hands, cuz he just dunks as he's falling, in positions he shouldn't be able to overhand dunk it. What a special talent.

  5. What is ja’s beef with Minnesota? Most of these clips are against the Timberwolves

  6. Honestly their games gained more fans and a loud crowd since Ja Morant got there🤞💯💪

  7. The 2023 dunk contest better have Ja Morant, Jonathan Kuminga and Zion Williamson

  8. Space jam the hedgehog Space jam the hedgehog says:

    At 10:34 Ja posterized his own teammate

  9. There are players who make music with their game.
    …I could listen to Ja Morant´s all day.

  10. Dam he my best and best basketball player

  11. Dam he my best and best basketball player ever

  12. Bro out literally playing 2k😂dunking on centers so easily

  13. Seriously he is off the charts.Everyone in the NBA better get ready cuz u got one to reckon with. Future MVP

  14. If the Hornets commentator represented the Grizzlies the NBA will be somethin😬

  15. esse menor é o jogador da nba que mais respeito, tem 1,91 de altura e não peida pra ninguem, mete dunk pra cima de maluco com mais de 2 metros e fodase, tem tudo pra entrar no top10 da nba daqui a alguns anos se manter essa performance!

  16. He just makes it look so easy and elegant. This is a future Hall of fame legend.

  17. zion williams watching these videos being like " I wanna be Like him.''

  18. Ja you are so goated you arey biggest fan bro

  19. feel like he only came to the league to posterize someone

  20. Man, Their is NO WAY Ja's Vertical isn't 48+ inches.
    Someone got that wrong. Someone Fucked up.

  21. 9:06, number 4 making an important business decision. Just ask Malik Beasley

  22. I’m a Chicago and Derrick rose 🌹 fan he never had dunks like this

  23. Did you here the impact of that first dunk

  24. I hope he's fix his landing, i don't want another drose situation

  25. You know your life over when Ja starts dribbling to the rim, and your near it

  26. We finally have someone who dunks at least twice per game. NBA players be starving us with dunks, thank God for Jah! Momma! There goes that man!!

  27. Best in game dunker ever it’s not even an debate

  28. The man who assists him figure out the exact moment

  29. the fact that you can make an 11 minute montage says alot about Ja!

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