Intercepting Random Airliners in Flight Simulator Multiplayer -

Intercepting Random Airliners in Flight Simulator Multiplayer

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Intercepting Random Airliners in Flight Simulator Multiplayer
In this video, I fly an F-18 fighter jet across Los Angeles and New York in search of random planes to intercept! Watch to the end to see their reactions and other funny moments…

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  1. I always thought the Arnold ads with him as like a mondo general with world of tanks was so funny
    Like the guy is a bodybuilder from Austria bro

  2. I guess the pc version allows gearless "landings" like that. Xbox would instantly kick you out of the flight because you "crashed"

  3. I bet if everyone here has played Microsoft flight simulator in a fighter they have done this

  4. Great video but would be more fun if you only intercepted real people instead

  5. You can turn off disappearing…it’s in the general options settings I believe

  6. They should make it so you cannot affect them. It is rude. But it is funny.

  7. Chasing after AI planes thinking they'll repondto you…🙄

  8. 0:58 "thats not a real plane is it, its like a double decker. sort of like an a380 but its fake." that is an a380. sorry to interrupt your moment,

  9. Bro said the a380the double decker aint real it is

  10. Some dude called me gay, played a sound clip of some dude groaning, and then did a sharp turn in his 747.

  11. Some interceptions he goes through the aircraft

  12. That double decker plane at the begging was an airbus a380 (yes there is an plane like that)

  13. “I don’t think that’s proper protocol” flies under plane while landing

  14. 804.
    Heres another one of them being a380s lol😂

  15. wow never heard of the boing a380 wow nice plane

  16. How real can this game get? 🤯
    Thats why the title said IN Flight Simulator

  17. Whenever the plane says “GEN” that means it’s a AI generated plane. They won’t react to you.

  18. I like the airplane logo on your merch but I’m surprised u never write international travel on any

  19. did he just call the airbus a380 a boeing a380…

  20. I can confirm the first interception was protocol

  21. So , other than the jet and it being in multiplayer, are you using any special add ons or features etc? What do I need to do this on my msfsx ? I have the jet

  22. Can we get a rip for the a380 at the start that he said wasn't a real plane

  23. Crazy how in this game i can crash into my house

  24. the new A310 sucks ass i did not like it at all though the A320 NEO is great and love it

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