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I’M FLYING!! – Iron Man VR Gameplay

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  1. Ew ps 4 vr EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Ps4 xbox is better

  2. If only they could have gotten Robert Downey Jr. to do the voice acting!

  3. Hats off to those developers and your self for bringing this game into our attention

  4. Mines is updating got it today. Me bigbrain so i know that the creators worked with marvel and ps4 ppls

  5. Wow ,!
    Wait till they put the gloves or the arm and leg bands like ea sports active 2. 😵
    This vr thing is gonna be crazy

  6. Game is awesome. Only downside is the slow loading times between each chapter.

  7. You can actually turn 360 in real life while playing the game it also it in the beginning

  8. Actually Iron Man is my favorite character and superman is my least favorite character superhero of all-time

  9. The fact It’s not voiced by Robert Downey jr is a big mood killer

  10. You tried batman arkham VR yet? It's pretty fun

  11. Its 2020 they can do a better job.

    If you seen the new avengers game it looks like it was made in 2012.

  12. I only hear Spider-Man when Tony speaks.

  13. Trev you must try half life alyx, that game is lit 🔥

  14. Worst thing to hear for an only marvel fan. I feel like superman, dude it’s different IRON MAN IS BETTER!

  15. Yo tmartn do u want marvel avenger game with me

  16. I'm shocked he hasn't started a walkthrough on this with how well this vid did and how much he enjoyed it.

  17. I like how Trevor just screams the whole thing like he’s so happy that he’s gonna break the headset

  18. buenas la verdad excelente video me encanto ansioso de el siguiente material me voy les mando besis muchas gracias

  19. I have played the Demo. And I really felt I was there. I still don’t know how this thing works but its amazing! Even in Resident Evil 7 with all the blurries graphics, I really felt I was there! And i just could’nt stop playing super Hot until my head Aches. Amazing stuff!

  20. I’m picking the psvr bundle that come with this game in a few days and I’m incredibly excited!!!!!

  21. How did you get suck good video quality and no black corners!?

  22. 💯% not his first attempt playing this, sorry…

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