If I win a game, I add a flying card - gamenightuiuc.com

If I win a game, I add a flying card

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  1. Basically playing his own way of lavaloon

  2. POV: You use an all air deck already

    Note: I use an all air deck, except 1 card, 1 card is ground… I got to masters 2




  4. B-rad: have you ever heard of Balloon bridgespam before?

    Every single midladder deck: of course i know him, he's me

  5. mans took don’t forget air cards to a whole new level

  6. When U have 0 vid ideas but need to make content.

  7. What’s funny is how there was an iPad Air commercial before the vid 😂😂😂

  8. Bro that was exactly like the archer clutch video but with the Queen. 10:39

  9. Jesus loves you all, have a blessed day or night. May His peace be with you. ❤️

  10. which cards do you like the most
    midd ladder ultra noob: Mega night e barbs witch wizard

  11. "Have you ever heard of… Bridgespam balloon?"

    Only every single gamei n midladder.

  12. I almost peed my pants when the archer queen almost didnt take the king tower… Nice JOb!!!

  13. 3:38 anyone else realize how in sync that bandit was with the timer?

  14. But isnt royale ghost technically floating?

  15. Alternate title: every time i win the deck becomes more lavaloon

  16. I watched a video to only see the moment on the preview (whether opponent rocket that 3 cards or not)

  17. Brad literally taking Clash Royale to new heights.

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