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Icarus – Is Dean Hall’s New Survival Game Flying Too Far From DayZ?

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Icarus – Is Dean Hall’s New Survival Game Flying Too Far From DayZ?

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  1. Lul Dean Hall, after dayz i wouldnt play any game from this guy.

  2. Agreed with commentary on this video. Looks like Deanos been working out, maybe carting around sheep in the South Island.

  3. I totally agree with the his argument that it wouldn't happen in this scenario of an advanced science race purposefully landing on a planet and devolving to only using forest made items meanwhile still having all of their items they would have brought with them and ultimately leaving in a higher tech vessel doesn't jive unless it was for a "Watch what I can do Old School on my camping trip, YouTube video"

  4. Dean Hall could sell ice to the eskimos 🤣🤣. Whatever he says now will be achievable maybe in 10years Looks like a No Mans Sky tall tale initially to me

  5. I always thought that space suits were very well insulated against the extreme cold of space. Wouldn't it be a bit pointless sitting in front of a camp fire in full suit complete with helmet?


  6. Didnt his first thing he did after getting money for dayz was climbing mount everest and then he just left the team later on …
    Why should someone buy the new game after knowing how dayz went?

  7. Although I agree the game doesn't make much sense. The presence of fire doesn't add to the confusion, as oxygen could very easily be present along with other poisonous gasses.

  8. i pity anybody who wastes money funding this game, dean hall is a joke

  9. oh my god that guy who never finished anything has such a punchable face 😀

  10. Did he made the dayZ mod or that trash standalone?

  11. Maybe he should finish Stationeers before he does some new PoS.

  12. I fell for Dean's scam once. Not falling for it again

    btw. how is there green vegetation if there is no oxygen? lol

  13. looks like its another mars bullshit theme
    no thank you

  14. DayZ has to be the best and most memorable game experience i've ever enjoyed. Never the same.

  15. I don't play any games where Dean Hall is involved with anymore., I play Arma2: Dayz in it's glory days. Then he started ignoring the mod and it became crap, he then announced he makes a StandAlone game. Early Alpha stage of that StandAlone version he also left that game. Then now he announced this. I am done with his announcements. He is 1 of those developers that will never finish a product into it's final stage.

  16. Free to play already told me enough. It's going to be full of mictrotransanctions or pay to win bullshit as always. Fuck this type of games seriously 😀

  17. Well then, now I know the name of the game to avoid, 🖕 Dean Hall and Brian Hicks

  18. Trusting dean hall again is like trusting EA to remove microtransactions. He may have started it but he also left it in an awful place and ripped us all off for years before other had to come in and fix it.

  19. Crap!! Should just spend more time improving dayz and slowly adding new things to dayz….

  20. By the First hr. He means that the game is always gonna feel like you have more to do and things to achieve, like the first hr in Dayz and Minecraft. What is not to understand. Who cares if it is Far from Dayz, is he supposed to always make games like Dayz

  21. Maybe the Planet has enough Oxygen to maintain a fire but not you and/or has other gases at toxic levels to you

  22. God I hope it's not more mission focused singleplayer/coop gameplay. It looks like it could literally beat almost all other survival games imo if it was more pvp and you were kinda fighting others for resources and territory. I wish it would be kind of like a mix between no man sky and rust

  23. Is this not just the exact same idea as Escape from Tarkov regarding the "drop" style survival games…

  24. I payed $60 for dayz and you can't even drive s car without dying lol

  25. Dean hall? Hahhahaha mr i leave dayz standalone due to creative differences? Yeah ill pass thanks.

  26. "Icarus was once destined to be a second Earth, but when terraforming collapsed – the air turned toxic and humanity’s hopes of colonizing a new world died. Icarus became a joke, a symbol of humanity reaching for the stars and failing. Yet when xeno-biologists discovered the cause of the failure – exotic matter – new interest was ignited. Valuable beyond reckoning, these ‘exotics’ sparked a gold rush that fueled political tensions between factions on Earth and brought prospectors flocking to Icarus." The last line of the story there has the feel of possible pvp aspects though watching the trailer does indeed feel like a single player game, guess will just have to wait and see lol.

  27. I don’t know. I mean just from the trailer. I’m kind of a science nerd and I’m not sure I can get behind a game that requires you to wear an oxygen mask/helmet while sitting next to a CAMPFIRE. Ummmmmm…I wonder what that fire is using to stay lit?

  28. just cause theres oxygen doesnt mean you can breath. its a very small amount. its mainly nitrous and carbon. and a few others but oxygen ls like a fraction of wat we need

  29. Spaceman with a hatchet does not seem very matchy… I was thinking the same thing. Shouldn't they have more sophisticated, better ways to cut a tree down? Wooden Bows??? I mean, I must be missing something here right? I can imagine such cool alternative, more badass looking and functioning weapons. Some kind of Energy Bow or just some basic bow that LOOKS more Technologically advanced. Just to name one.

  30. why would he even bother bringing a new game out he needs to finish the first one

  31. Looks dumb, really he had a gold mine with DayZ if it had been done right the 1st time and finished within 3 years not still updating 10+ years later and leaving in the middle of the project lol.

  32. This game has Dean Hall fraud written all over it.

  33. I don't have much hope in this. I think the survival game peak is behind us as it morphed into battle royals. I played the arma 2 mod of Dayz back in 2013 and it blew my mind. When I heard it was becoming stand alone I was so excited and then so shocked when Dean left the team.

    I think he blindsided them completely. I still don't understand why he left – he had everything there which he said he left for. DayZ released essentially completely broken. Yes, it was an alpha but it wasnt even that. Alpha testing by definition is testing done towards the end of development and DayZ wasn't even close to that.

    I think Dean missed out and damaged – in fact all but destroyed – what could have been one of the most epic games in recent memory. Releasing a Rust/ARK/Tarkov survival game 10 years too late I dont think is going to be anything more than disappointing.

  34. Are you kidding me? These guys haven’t even gotten DayZ to run smooth And they’re already coming out with another game? Is this one going to be broken for the next eight years as well?

  35. I still can’t drive down the street in a vehicle on DayZ without the game crashing LOL even with an external SSD card that came runs like shit.

  36. When I play Icarus I'm not thinking of DayZ
    When I play DayZ I usually think about DayZ I respect you running man z but I'm paused the video because I'm commenting on the title not the actual video yet it's kind of like playing football but thinking about how fun soccer is I don't know let's watch this video and see what you have to say about it

  37. Lack of imagination in today's society.
    Everything has to be put forward and scripted….gamers are failing as a community anymore .

  38. We want DayZ on the new engine on all platforms

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