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I tried FREE Browser Flight Simulators

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A flight simulator sounds very advanced, right? That’s what I thought as well… but I found out that there are flight simulators that you can play in your browser – so I figured let’s try them out

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  1. i dont get it are u from Norway or Sweden i am from Noeway

  2. Lucaas:alright here's the 'cokepit' cockpit:Am I a joke to you?

  3. I play geo-fs and you can change the graphics by going into the option panel

  4. Try Roblox flight simulators, they’re even better that browser ones

  5. Hey lucas play the turboprop pc
    What game is cool pls

  6. Imagine a real pilot forgeting how to brake and looks in his instruction book as he lands looool! 2:36

  7. I love it how he doesn't use strong words.

  8. I paid the $12 to Geo-FS for the hd graphics and I love flying through the Grand Canyon and river valleys like the Yangtze. It's no FS 2020, but it's enjoyable.

  9. I played geofs flight acrade and flywings 2016

  10. Hey lucaas nice to see you havent activated windows

  11. To brake in GeoFs just press space it's better than no brakes..

  12. hey you're from sweden or denmark!? am from Norway

  13. The thrust reverser is the page down button

  14. not browser game you must download it bruh you noob

  15. Try geofs it's a browser flight simulator

  16. Geofs is my lifeblood at home I bought hd and added fmc

  17. esta complicado volar en el primero, si alguien me ayuda le agradecería mucho

  18. Imagine there Is a kid watching to play on their school chromebook🤣🤣🤣

  19. If he enabled HD on GeoFS, it'd be his favourite online browser simulator

  20. i tried the free Microsoft flight sim, and it was dumb. i couldn't take off or do anything, even when i changed to keyboard inputs

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