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I Sent My Ship Flying By Crashing into a Bridge?! – Stormworks Sinking Ship Survival

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I Sent My Ship Flying By Crashing into a Bridge?! – Stormworks Sinking Ship Survival. Welcome to Camodo Gaming’s Let’s Play of Stormworks Update Gameplay. Today I’m doing some ship sinking simulator survival in Stormworks!

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  1. The SS Kaiser was basically the German Titanic

  2. I love how one of the most luxurious german ships ever made is in Stormworks

  3. My freands yt chanil is is geting banned pls his channil is ybr pls he's in trubel. Pls help mee

  4. that ship is on crack. ss Kaiser was actually a relay fast ship in real life and held the blue ribbon for a while

  5. Please make a video on the new stormworks update

  6. the same happened to me with the h.m.h.s canada

  7. 14:00 that’s got to be the best pirate I’ve ever seen… so it would seem

  8. Boat says I must go now my people need me

  9. Thank you for doing a ship that was launched to be the fastest until cunards ships and it was launched in my home town in Germany

  10. Wait if boats can now fly Godzilla can’t split the, in half.

  11. This ship is the reason Cunard received government aid to build Lusitania and Mauretania

  12. The pistons are going so fast we don't see them moving

  13. Why does the British ship have a WW1 German flag

  14. If it's Nokia then there trying to compete with Motorola not the king's Samsung and Apple

  15. hey that's the car from titanic (you do not wanna see that part)

  16. LMAO I would have loved to see Camodo stay in that ship

  17. Fun fact you only need to vent steam if your stopping your engines otherwise steam pressure will build up cause it won’t get used thru the engines so it will just build up pressure and blow up your boilers so yeah when your sailing and vent steam then your just waisting steam/coal and speed🤣🤣🤣

  18. the rwal name is S.S Wilhelm Kaiser Gustloft

  19. Yeah bridges in this game are worst and deadly to a boat than any other thing that can damage you bridges glitch out

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