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I made a Superman flying game in Unreal Engine 5 and you can play it!

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With the release of UE5 and after being inspired by some amazing videos floating around, I decided to revisit my own Superman demo from last year and move it to the UE5 Matrix city…

This project was built simply as a test for what a future Superhero game like Superman might be like in a large-scale modern city running on UE5. This of course could work for anything, like Invincible, or The Boys.
I dream of a modern Superman game and with the release of UE5, seemed like fertile ground for some experimentation with the amazing packages Epic has made available.
I know from the video I made last time, that people were eager to play it as well…
So I made this version playable! Enjoy!


  1. Yeah you made a flying game with no other content wow

  2. Nintendos bruised ego from N64 just because a full blown GOUGING. FUCKERS GOT CUT TO THE BONE!!!

  3. the cape is clipping you people cant get anything right effin modders wannabe game developers

  4. I say use a solar eclipse to weaken him and as the eclipse passes he gains more abilities which is the leveling up system.

  5. Superman 64? I remember it being a little faster then this!

  6. would be cool if you made it like GTA where it was more realistic like he had his other powers, supervillains and hero fights, a Clark Kent mode where he is journalist, where he and bosses could smash through buildings when flying or fighting, could pick up cars and other things and villains could take people hold them hostage or throw them drop them ect. I could go on all day with ideas for a cool Superman game.

  7. Looking forward to the "Gloves Off' Intergang update.
    This is a foundation for a spectacular game.

  8. deberían sacar un juego así de Super Man estilo Batman Arkham pero obviamente con estilo Spiderman para recorrer ciudades volando

  9. Why is he making supersonic cones when he's not going supersonic and why is there a trail of mist behind him? Not correct.

  10. If you put a pride flag on his back, I garunetee you'll get all the funding you'll ever need.. 🧐

  11. Can you make him punch through buildings?

  12. This looks amazing. They really need to make a good open world Superman game. Would be so much fun just flying around.

  13. You added the "sound barrier breaking effect" when Superman barely overtakes cars in the highway 😂

  14. Yeah but "SUPER-man" is a bitch. You bring one little green rock around in whatever form and he is instantly defeated.

  15. The reason people don’t think a Superman game could work is because they’ve been so accustomed to human mortal playable main characters (mainly the Arkham series) that need to sustain a health bar and go up against bad guys with guns and knives. They automatically think that a Superman game is gonna be a knock off Arkham game where Superman has to pull his punches fighting street thugs and shit because he’s too over powered when that doesn’t have to be the case. Get Arkham out of your brain completely because a Superman game doesn’t have to be that and in fact the game should and likely would be a completely different type of game all together. It may not be combat focused at all and solely emphasize on saving people from crazy plane crashes, collapsing buildings, disasters, etc. He can visit third world countries and put an end to terrorism, water crisis, forrest fires, floods, global warming manmade related atrocities. Something as simple as just saving a cat out of tree or something as crazy and badass as lifting an entire land mass to save a population from Branianc shit idfk. People are so accustomed to thinking it’s gonna be some beat ‘em up Arkham style campaign with boss fights and street thugs to beat on in between when in actuality that’s just something Batman does and not Superman. Superman doesn’t look for trouble, it finds him. His whole purpose is not to make criminals afraid of him, it’s to guide mankind to be better. To be an advocate of truth justice and patriotism. With the right developer and writers who understand the character it can work and it can be one of the greatest games ever made.

  16. While the realism and texture of the city scape was amazing

  17. This is fantastic, but I think you should give him a much fast max speed if possible. He is super man after all.

  18. I like how non smooth the flying is, gives it so much more realism.

  19. Cool! Curious to know what happens if you crash tho

  20. This is literally one of the funnest looking games I've ever seen.

  21. and if he crashes into one of those buildings he'll get a public enemy rating…

  22. would be great to see him being able to go through a building and using some super powers

  23. Now can you make it capable of VR? Made it to work on a quest 2 or via PC VR that would be rad!

  24. My first thought: Can I fly through the buildings at top speed?😈

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