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I Made a Game About a Flying Squirrel – Devlog

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Wishlist Walter Walnut!

In this video I go through the whole process of making a small gliding squirrel game from prototype to the (almost) finished videogame.
This video is a bit different than my normal devlogs and I plan to continue the normal devlogs once walter walnut is fully done.


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  1. Codeer can you make a tutorial on how to make a rigidbody movement. and good job on the game!

  2. Codeer happy March please don't stop making the shooter dev logs. Hope your doing well

  3. when new weird shooter game devlog?

  4. Are you alive my man? It's been 8 months im starting to worry

  5. hey, I really enjoy your devlogs! I hope you haven't left YouTube. I understand that you get comments like this every day, but i hope you are coming back, if you have left. I love your shooter, mostly because it is just so beautiful. so yeah. I just hope you are coming back 🙂

  6. I love how you say "this little game" when it really doesn't seem that little. Looks like a lot of thought and effort has been put into it and it's got quite a lot of features (I watched this after watching 6 devs pass the game). Looks really fun and with good vibes! Wishlisted it 🙂

  7. i liked so much that psx style that the game had, why did u remove it?

  8. So “a short hike” but with boss fights

  9. hey will this be coming to xbox cuz i rlly want it and will it be free?

  10. I wonder how @Codeer is doing, i hope your doing good, I cant wait for the next dev log on your shooter game

  11. Hi there can you pls work on werid 3d shooter game plsss

  12. Where are all the game dev youtubers going first dani now codeer


  14. Hey, you haven’t uploaded a video for nine months now you know?

  15. Just remembered you exiat again and looked to see how you were! Happy for the break and happy your looking at other things! I hope the break is treating you well and i feel blessed we even got this video! Your doing great work man keep it up

  16. Hey Codeer, I dont know if youll see this comment, but I just wanted to thank you for inspiring me to make video gaming. It's always been a bit of a dream of mine to make a game, and you always make it seem so easy. I hope your doing well, wherever you are in life. Just know that when you come back, you'll still have a loyal fan base ready and waiting! <3

  17. if(codeer.uploadRate == Dani.uploadRate)
    Debug.Log("Codder is secretly dani in disguise");
    Debug.Log("He dead");

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