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I Got The New Flying Submarine Car – GTA Online

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I Got The New Flying Submarine Car – GTA Online
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  1. I bought so much money in gta 5 online and Rockstar keep giving me more money like why

  2. Hey guys somebody who puts a way to let go of your video

  3. hey man, did you played today (4.12.2021) whit saschas_fuss?? 😂

  4. 4:45 now spears sounds like Howard wolowitz from the big bang theory

  5. Intro: hey guys the guy who think he has all the money in the world but buys more

  6. Wears pink and with the words fruit ? Ok he’s fruity 😂

  7. Dude the moment when he explode with full other car i got an battlefield 2042 commercial and it was the part when the guy fly trought ex0ploosioon

  8. Hey guys I'm the guy who will never change my clothes

  9. Hi the smateist man agzample I’m as smart as ummmm 🤨 yoda in ummmmmm dumb land

  10. "we need to get some air"
    Modder : here you go
    * teleports everyone to the sky*

  11. So you telling me u can’t fly this car an the air

  12. Hey uh thought you should know I subbed the second you said the 5 am joke

  13. Intro: Hey guys your favourite South Korean here I mean speirs here

  14. Why don’t you get a console? It has less moders

  15. I hate the economy in gtav its outrageous they set it up to coax you into getting shark cards

  16. And you think the game is realistic🤣🤣🤣

  17. intro: hey guys it's your favorite pretty pink pick me boy here

  18. Hey guys, im the guy who spends 99.9 percent of my money in sharkcards and that .1 is for nothing since its 1 cent (wispers: i need thearpy help)

  19. OK so the title is a lie I have the car you can just put it in summary mode and boost somewhere so high and then turn into a summering

  20. Step 1 want air step 2 be givin air step 3 complain about been given air

  21. You have to call the mechanic to get the toredor

  22. Intro: Hey guys that guy who stares at cars here

  23. what is that car right next to the cop car at 3:17 ?? can someone please tell me

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