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I Got The New Flying Submarine Car – GTA Online

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I Got The New Flying Submarine Car – GTA Online
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  1. Александра Лебедева says:

    Intro: hey guys, the guy who can’t pay rent anymore because he spends all his money on shark cards here

  2. i'm a 2nd language english speaker and i can spell submarine better, jesus…

  3. If u get annoyed with modders just go in a solo session

  4. Intro: hey guys buy my plushie to help me get my spelling lesson

  5. Speirs when you say submarine just say it how u like

  6. Intro:I just came back from walking my cat

  7. There is a cool feature to tel you it calls:mechanic

  8. Intro:hey guys the guy who buys cars an never used it again

  9. Intro: hay guys your Favourite Canadian gta YouTuber (Inhales Deeply) (makes Weird sound) (Screams )

  10. what vehicle that crispy had and what website

  11. You had to buy it I got it for free at spinning the wheel at the casino

  12. Intro: hey guy it’s me that made rockstar rich

  13. Hey I don't want to win anything just pin me and give the price of the thing to a hospital

  14. Hey guys spiers here the guy that doesn't know anything about gta until his subscribers tell him about it

  15. Into “ Hey it’s the guy who spent more money on shark cards then he has spent on anything else.” BTW I am a new viewer and you are one of the best people I watch 🙂

  16. Hey guys it’s spears the man that made everything possible

  17. man cant wait for him to get two likes

  18. bro i have The same deshighn on my toradaorn

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