How to Shoot Straight-flying Pheasants - Smokin Targets Game Flavoured with Mark Winser -

How to Shoot Straight-flying Pheasants – Smokin Targets Game Flavoured with Mark Winser

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Top shot Mark Winser explains how to shoot pheasants flying straight over you. He recommends the swing-through technique.

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  1. I always use mantained lead. Lucky for me I can see the target gap with my left eye and the barrel with my right eye. so I can always measure the target gap. No disrepect but I feel swing through is inconsistent but I do understand why some people use It. especially beginners.

  2. How about keeping the gun swinging after the shot !!

  3. Great advice from a first class shooter. But regarding the lesson's, I would love to get a few but at £90 to £100 per hour( totally rediculous) how can I afford to. The labour cost at a lot of car dealers is less than that.

  4. Does anyone know which gun he is using?

  5. Sound advice from a great shot 👌have a word with the father in law about shooting other people's birds mark😉😂

  6. I like the calm delivery, I think this will help me when shooting, to remain calm and not rushed. Thank you.

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