How to set up Roles in your rooms! (games - flying - wall running - voice volume) -

How to set up Roles in your rooms! (games – flying – wall running – voice volume)

Rec Room
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Meriesa shows you how to set up roles in your custom rooms!
You can set different roles to co-owners, hosts, and everyone. You can set roles for flying, Voice Rolloff, and movement speeds. More Room building tutorials at Tutorials, credits, social channels ↓

Room building tutorials

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  1. I do not like the new role system. Its crap. PLEASE CHANGE THE ROLES BACK!

  2. Alright, now next update we need to be able to change the time of day in our dorm room.

    That would be sweet.

  3. Love your videos but we’re not stupid we know how to spawn our maker pen ❤️

  4. My room I’m making is cursed the role mapper chip won’t work

  5. One negative of the three chips is that the use 0.01% ink we could’ve used something very useful from that ink!

  6. Thank you I was so confused on how to do make you fly

  7. I cant grab things with my ps4 move controller HOW do i fix it

  8. you have failed the rec room check,

    you shall be banned with the Lazer launcher

  9. Fuck you rec room you pach the best glich in rec room

  10. Anyone else think coach sould do a face reveal?

  11. really ironic how they posted this while their role chip system is absolutely broken right now.

  12. How do I make videos like you?
    Like set up a camera and be in the video?? Next episode should be this.

  13. Does anyone know how to make it so you only have one life, so when you die you're out until next game. Also how would you make it so the game ends once everyone but one person is died?

  14. can you add a way to edit makerpen permissions for other people?

  15. On psvr i can't fly in dorm like other people

  16. This didnt explain to me how to make flying only accessible to co-owners very well

  17. Great i find how to rec room after i teach myself how to do everything


  19. Thank you I've been looking for this for so long

  20. Can someone please answer me how do I become invincible in my own room that I created

  21. I want to make a game so that when you press a button you can switch between teleport and walking like if you need to get away somewhere fast you can teleport

  22. Nice! Now I can make myself a time capsule for 2022!

  23. how do you make it where when you join the roles you had previously are still there like for fly for co owners

  24. I don’t know why, but every time she pulls up the pen menu, I want to tap the Edit button….. lol

  25. How do you make your self tall with a costume

  26. Is there a way to tie a role to a permission. So for example, if you give someone moderator, it automatically gives the moderator a specific role.

  27. thank you! i can use this for the part of my game where i want people to use their maker pen. But when they exit that specific area it denies maker pen permissions. Doing so would make it so that they can only use the maker pen in that specific area. I spent over 45 minutes looking for this tysm!

  28. It’s almost insulting how simply she says it

    By the way I know you’re not gonna see this but maybe someone else will and help me I’m trying to create a PVP right but I want to be able to fly but no one else will be able to how do I do that

  29. I love that space visor! will it ever be added to the game?

  30. HOW do you make a vip area that cost coins to enter and how do you make a tip area for my room so I can get tips? if you see this please let me know

  31. The Problem is, You cant Specifically Add a player to a role, they have to trigger it using a button, Trigger Volume, Etc. making harder to assign roles.

  32. Thanks so much for the tutorial! i have been trying to figure this out for an embarrassing amount of time

  33. It would be ice so only a specific role can hear samplers. With that, working headphones could be a thing!

  34. What happen if it say role edit cancellation????

  35. How do you make a wall wall runable just in general, idk how, I think it’s in configure, but when I put it on it doesn’t work ):

  36. Love it. But it sound like she holding her breath in

  37. Can I get mod in rec room in rec center because my user name is Buddy my first user name is Ynw_cap! I don’t have a discord

  38. OOHH I see, I was using the add role chip and a button to give myself the role, and I was wondering why my role was removed every time I joined back. 😂

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