How to get the FASTEST flying mount, BEST PAL in the game, Jetragon boss CHEESE catch method -

How to get the FASTEST flying mount, BEST PAL in the game, Jetragon boss CHEESE catch method

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This is the Palworld fastest flying mount, and actually it’s the Palworld fastest mount on the ground too. If you were looking for the Palworld best pals then this is the absolute best Palworld flying mount you can get.


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This Palworld fastest mount guide will show you how to get a serious Palworld fast flying mount. This Palworld jetragon location guide will show you how to get the ultimate Palworld jet dragon. If you were looking for a Palworld jetragon cheese or a way to make Palworld jetragon easy then this Palworld jetragon glitch catch method is what you want. With the Palworld jetragon mount you’ll have the Palworld fastest ground mount and the Palworld fastest flying mount at the same time. This is one of the Palworld best pals in the game and if you were wanting the Palworld best flying mount, jetragon takes the top spot for Palworld best mounts.


  1. One day when i catch this thing ill breed it and make the fastest jetragon

  2. shoudlent you technically be able to do this at like level 20

  3. No one mentions the fact how bad this is at combat unmounted, it won’t attack and flys circles around the enemy half the time.

  4. what i did is fly above him and back shot him with the Legendary Sphere he never tried to attack me .

  5. Thanks another content creator that I was watching never mention on how to get it whilst he was riding in it

  6. Cheese it.. have gazilion of lvl 50 Shadowbeaks .. lol

  7. i killed it on accident is there any way to get wet it back

  8. Jetragon is a nightmare he defeated all my alpha boses.. they were 47 to 48 and yeah let me say still weak

  9. I catch frostallion at level 42 but jetragon very hard to fight because he is very fast

  10. i gottaa ask cus me and a buddy of mine have been using the tik tok strat to tame tower bosses is it worth taming them over and over again just for this specfic strat or for the fusion rank too?

  11. Your videos are great! Straight to the point and detailed! Keep it up !

  12. You can right click the pals at the base to move them to your palbank FYI. You don't need to drag each one over

  13. I have a jetragon with Legend swift runner and nimble by breeding

  14. meanwhile im still looking for a way to "CHEESE" jetragon at lv30 not max level

  15. The fact that Jetragon was able to ko a lot of those Boss monsters shows how horrifying the fight is going to be if you try to do this the conventional way

  16. So I’m curious do people play the game legit or boosted

  17. I worry videos like this will push devs making it illegal to build in the boss area

  18. I killed him, can i get him again

  19. How do i build the actual mount, what level in the tech tree? Anyone? Thanks

  20. Question how do you get another jetragon after the first one?

  21. Yeah, the convential way mega easy mode 5x heal n 0.1 damg toward character + 3 of them is no joke… God Dayum the Pink n Red Pokéballs ive used…

  22. Get an assault rifle (preferably legendary if you can get it from the blazamut boss), hop on frostallion, and spray. You’re welcome.

  23. We can all agree, these videos never disappoint 😇

  24. Finally a youtuber deserved a sub❤! A real cheese guide without cut clips talking too much.

    Millgaming yeah that guy, i call you out

  25. I think direhowls are still worth endgame cause jetdragon can’t fit in the dungeons been faster for me to get a fast direhowl and speed through rather than summoning and resuming jetragon

  26. What happens to your save file what's the game transitions to its actual release and is no longer Early Access? Anyone know? Would greatly appreciate any responses, only thing stopping me from playing it.

  27. Catching tower bosses got patch i think the police officer not there anymore

  28. Jesus bro, please right click the pals in the pal box, specialy when you're in a hurry 😂😂❤

  29. That little down arrow in the pal box, lets you sort out your box and you can decide on how

  30. Was able to hatch a getragon with Legend, Devine Dragon, Musclehead and Hooligan. I am unsure if thats the perfect combo but he is really strong.

  31. Found your site from a mention from Simon on Neebs Gaming! So happy they showed your page as you have great gaming tips! Thanks

  32. My brain hurts watching him drag all his pals in and out of the pal box.. just right click pls…. so much pain

  33. How would you get other Passive Skils on Jetdragon if you can't breed it? Would it just be luck constantly catching it?

  34. You can wall breach close to them with a flying mount, build a base inside the map spawn pals fight the bosses. (Boost the spawns to be more advantageous)

  35. I have already 3 bases, 1 for mining ore nd coal 1 for breeding 1 for factory. Any suggestion pls?

  36. How people getting high level so fast they boost exp rate all the way?

  37. You can right click the pals at the base to move them to your palbank FYI. You don't need to drag each one over

  38. I'm wondering how is possible that so many people have all maxed out an hour after the release… i mean even if they had access to closed Alpha, they have to re start from the beginning anyway,right?

  39. Why do you want a mount at lvl 50? Don't you have everything by then?

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