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Hogwarts Legacy – Official Flying Broom and Hippogriff Gameplay (4K)

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In their second gameplay showcase livestream, Avalanche Software gives us a glimpse of what it’ll look like to fly around and explore the beautiful open-world of Hogwarts Legacy. This video also shows what the world looks like after a seasons change!



  1. Seems like there is no npc when you are wandering around?

  2. Extremely empty world. Poor animations. This will fail hard outside of Hogwarts itelf.

  3. Something about the color pallet that isn’t very evocative of harry potter

  4. Jetzt wo ich es gesehen habe bin ich doch etwas enttäuscht 😞

  5. Please dont let it be another Cyberpunk scam.

  6. NPC's loading in front of you in 30 meter distance… Magic 😀

  7. They can do all this but didn’t bother including quidditch? I’m very worried for this game

  8. It’s beautiful but feels very empty and static. Not even the trees have any subtle movement like branches swaying in the wind.

  9. He flying faster than sound speed whats why we coundt hear anything. marvelous 🔥

  10. What's with the minimap texture being so blurry? It's hard to even tell what I'm looking at and where paths are.

  11. Not a die hard fan of the franchise, or a fan at all for that matter. But this is an outstandingly beautiful demo

  12. Seeing is one thing, playing is another completely different matter….

  13. The amount of hours I’m going to invest in this game 🤝😩😩

  14. Oh wow, the graphics are actually quite nice, just seems very odd that they didnt put more effort in to the cliffs. Stones etc. look very badly designed into the labdscape.

  15. you people better not make the same mistake again and pre order. remember cyberpunk.

  16. 😃😃😃😊😊😐😐😑😔😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  17. Looks nice. Wish they could speed up the brooms and the hippogriff just a tad like 25%.

  18. Hope this game is better than Harry Potter Chamber Of Secrets GBA

  19. Flying seems fun, but clearly we won’t be getting next gen graphics lol

  20. accio broom would have been a better option .

  21. I’ve waited my entire life for this game.

  22. don't buy the TERF wizard game. trans rights 🏳️‍⚧️

  23. The Witcher already has an order for this flying griffin

  24. Sorely missing back ground music to enhance the atmosphere. Then it would be perfect.

  25. Doesn‘t the world look somewhat empty? Beautiful tho

  26. Seems to be a breeze, have to remind the trees, static world.

  27. The bristles are stiff af in the air but it still looks amazing

  28. Looks nice, but the environment and NPC pop-in is pretty bad…

  29. Does someone know if quidditch is in this game?

  30. This game is coming out one day after my birthday 🎉

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