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Hogwarts Legacy – Official Flying Broom and Hippogriff Gameplay (4K)

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In their second gameplay showcase livestream, Avalanche Software gives us a glimpse of what it’ll look like to fly around and explore the beautiful open-world of Hogwarts Legacy. This video also shows what the world looks like after a seasons change!



  1. You could change animation which summon that brush, it would look way better if he summons it and wait like sec or two and then it fly right in his hand

  2. this is exactly what Sorcerers Stone looked like to me when it released on PS1 as a kid

  3. looks like a floating "horse" where is free flight you can only go high up with stamina and that runs out really fast, pretty sure even regular wizards can fly high up for more than 3 seconds

  4. Id rather just play as Harry the whole time…

  5. But does this hippogriff take a dump like horses in RDR2?

  6. То, как прорисован грифон, это печально, как пластиковый

  7. where is the harry potter charm….this looks like any other open world breat and butter rpg

  8. The animation for mounting the Hippogriff was just… chef's kiss

  9. another game we will be waiting for patches …..

  10. dead graphic, those wings go trough trees like they arent there at all .. QQ

  11. Wow, cool game. Wonder if there's a part where you can donate to TERF hate groups and say hateful things about trans women on twitter???

  12. Wish call of duty made maps like this + the same design

  13. makes Hippogriff appear
    Hippogriff, angrily: I've been falling for THIRTY MINUTES

  14. A kinda RDR 2 vibe! If they have access to flying broom at anytime to almost anywhere then I’m definitely down for getting the game. 🤯😁😎👊

  15. This looks like a red dead 2 mod or something lol

  16. Pocket broom and pocket hippogriff? Sure….

  17. Looks great but it triggers me so much that there seems to be no collision at all with the trees, seems like u would just go straight throught them if u try

  18. в 4к качестве такое мыло(((

  19. Do you have a playlist of these video's without commentary?😃 Are there also video's like these from the first gameplay showcase?

  20. Those small flutters of music fading in and out just take me right back to being a kid

  21. why does the vegetation looks like it was taken from rdr 2 and was that daniel radcliffs voice??????

  22. The Wizard 3: The Wand Hunt
    Starring: Roach with wings

  23. 흑우와트 이거는 평가 보고 사든가 말든가 해야징

  24. Imagine having the option later in game to have unaided flight like a death eater or the order

  25. its like dragon age and assassin creed made a baby, this reminds me of flying around on ps2!

  26. imagine if the game map is at least closer to GTA V map size

  27. Hopefully we have music and sounds on release.

  28. My one feature that I'm still holding out for is apparition that would be so dope if we could fly around like that

  29. They shoulda took ideas about open world online from eso!

  30. would be better if the camera wasn't right side biased while flying – its annoying the piss outta me

  31. I’m gonna be the first person in hogwarts history to get a DUI on a broom 😤

  32. Flight controls on the PS5 are a nightmare, splitting the direction controls over two sticks is really counterintuitive.

  33. This the type of game that's fun to play but boring af watching someone play…jus my opinion

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